Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy New Years

Welcome to 2016. In the next couple of weeks I will be changing the look of my blog to start off the new year right. I hope that everyone had an awesome New Years and have started 2016 off in a romantic mood. New Years was perfect for me! I spent it with the man I have been dating and we had a nice romantic night at home, just the two of us.
Being with your friends and families during the holiday is so important but even more importantly is spending the holidays with someone you love. New Years brings on new beginnings, new experiences, new adventures (as my father would say) and new opportunities to bring ROMANCE into your relationship- new or old. Romance is fun, exciting, adventurous and a great way to show your interest, affection and adoration for the person you are dating or married to.
Let's review 2015 highlights and please take a moment to read the highlighted links to refresh:
* One of the Keys to Romance was the fact that ANYTIME was the RIGHT time to be romantic. You do not need a special occasion to be romantic. Just do it! Have fun with ROMANCE and don't worry about the right time to be romantic because every second, minute, hour and day is the right time (even when you might be mad at each other).
*Being romantic is all about showing how much you CARE. Their are many ways to show how much you care for someone and two of those ways are making time for your special someone and communicating your feelings and desires and using communication to learn about each other. Caring is Sharing equals to your actions backing up your words.
* Look in the mirror and found out just how romantic you are, if their is room to improve, and if you can raise the bar on ROMANCE in your relationship. Sometimes we look at the other person to be romantic first. That's not necessary. Take the initiative and try some ROMANCE. You might be pleasantly surprised at the reaction.
* If you are not romantic and ready to stat being romantic with your partner in 2016, I did a crash course on Becoming Romantic. Check it out! I promise you its easy.
* Being a GENTLEMAN is a sure way to start off being a romantic man. Chivalry is not dead, yet I hear it all the time from my girlfriends who are dating (or even married). Open the door for your woman getting in and out the car, going into buildings and other places where you might go together. Pull her seat out for her when you sit down to eat. Help her up the steps when she's wearing those high heels you like. Being a gentleman is a old fashioned traditional way to show that you care, appreciate and honor the woman you are with.
* I also took the time to write A Letter to the women who give gentleman a hard time when they are trying to do something nice for whatever reason. Its been a turn off to a lot of men (more than I thought) and its made men not want to be romantic or go the extra mile to do something nice for the women they date.  I got good reactions from the men and women on Facebook about this one. Take a moment to read it and respond. Would love to hear Your feedback.
* I also discussed the importance of DATE NIGHT. Making time for each other was mentioned above and so important not only to experience ROMANCE but also to keep your relationship thriving and alive. Without TIME and communication, your relationship can not be enhanced or grow. Its impossible. Date night is very important even if its only once a month. MAKE TIME FOR DATE NIGHT for you and your special someone away from the kids and make it a part of your regular lives. One thing about being romantic, is that it gets better with consistency, so making time on a regular is key.
*  We mentioned COMMUNICATION above but I stressed the importance of COMMUNICATION in more depths. Many relationships end for a couple reasons and COMMUNICATION is one of them. You need to be able to express your wishes, fears, problems, emotions and so much more whether verbally or nonverbally. Talking constantly about everything from what's for dinner tonight to buying a home (check out http://www.abqhomebuyer.com) is important. But communicating is not just about words, another way to COMMUNICATE is through your actions, as mentioned earlier. So make time for DATE NIGHT and COMMUNICATING with each other. It could save your relationship (or marriage).
* Learn how to be INTIMATE. So many times people confuse intimacy with sex but intimacy is so much more than sex. Its the way you lovingly look at each other, a gentle touch, a kiss on the neck, or the way you care for someone when their sex. Intimacy is lacking in a lot of relationship and one of the reasons women give for having affairs. Sex is great but its even greater when it is combined with genuine intimacy between two people who sincerely love and care for one another.

These are just a few of the highlights that I gathered from 2015. What was your favorite blog post and which one was MOST helpful to you?

I look forward to sharing more with you in 2016 and keeping ROMANCE alive in your hearts and in your relationships.  Thank you for your support!


Romance Queen

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  1. This blog is very much needed in today's society. Love is an intentional act of will and romance is a verb that contributes to the always evolving bond. ~Gerald H.