Monday, January 19, 2015

Keys to Romance- The Right Time to Be Romantic

When is the right time to be romantic? I think I can safely say that everyday you have the opportunity to be romantic. You can be romantic every chance you get because being romantic is a mindset not a chore. Its something you want to do, not forced. Its leisurely not forced. Being romantic should be as easy as loving the person you're with. If you love the person you're with or at the least like the person you're interested in, then being romantic is something you can do from the very beginning. How you may ask? Well their are ways, I promise you.

From the first moment you meet someone, you can express how beautiful or handsome they are in a poetic way. As you meet them for a first date, you can pick up a small bouquet of flowers or something inexpensive they mentioned during your conversations leading up to your date. On your first date, you can open the doors for them and pull out their seat for them. You can also offer to feed them dessert or hold their hand during a quiet walk. After your first date, you can walk them to their door and kiss their hand goodnight or let them know how much you enjoyed being with them in a way that says you want to see them again.

As you continue to date, you can keep in contact with them, openly express your interests, surprise them with little trinkets of affection or a quiet night at home just the two of you over a home cooked candlelight meal. When you realize you love them for the first time, do something extra special to tell them in a way they won't forget. When you want to take your relationship to the next level and fully commit, you could have a small gathering with your friends and introduce her with pride and love. As you make the decision to propose to her/him, you can take your time looking for a ring that truly expresses their likes and their style, taking into consideration what you know about them OR you could take them shopping at the jewelry store and propose to her there!  And on that great day where you join as one on your wedding day you can say your own vows communicating to her and the whole world how much you love and want them to be the center of your world forever.

See, its not hard to be romantic with each phase of your relationship and equally doable to do every day through sweet text messages saying I'm thinking of you, or surprise lunches at their job, or maybe a bath filled with candles and wine when they get home from work. It doesn't take too much effort but it does take an imagination to come up with different ways to put a blissful smile on your special someones face and heart everyday.  If your goal is their happiness then being romantic is not hard to do. Its actually easy to do when you really love someone. It doesn't have to be big because little things add up to amazing things!

So when is the right time to be romantic? NOW! As you finish reading think of something simple, sweet and loving that you can do to show your special someone you care and adore them. You don't have to be with them right now to do so and I promise you that they will appreciate it.

Please share your romantic moments with us. I look forward to reading them.

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