Friday, July 8, 2016

State of Affairs- Call to Love Thy Neighbors

I haven't written in a while but felt the need to write today. I was on Facebook today and saw a number of posts about the latest police killings. One was of a young man shot several times by a police officer while in the car with his girlfriend and her child. According to the girlfriend the boyfriend, Philando Castille, told the officer that he had a pistol in his pocket and had a license to carry. The police didn't give him a chance to get his license and shot and killed him. The video can be seen here on Facebook, and here on YouTube  

Then another man, Alton Sterling, was killed selling CDs outside a Baton Rouge convenience store by two police officers and it was caught on tape. Mr. Sterling did not have a gun in his hand and was shot at close range. To see the video, go view it on
YouTube here,  

These killings by police are 2 of hundreds of senseless police killings. When my daughter got in trouble with me I took her to the police station to teach her a lesson: when you do bad things the consequence could be jail. I remember the police saying, "I don't want her to be scared of me." I thought about that many times after because did he say that because he genuinely meant that he didn't want my child to fear him because I was reprimanding her and disciplining her and because he wanted her to know that their were "consequences for her actions" as he told her or did he say that because of the state of affairs in our society revolved around police?

Either way, it is hard not to fear police in today's climate. Can you honestly say that You do not fear the police? Can you say that you trust the police not to hurt, shoot or kill you during a normal traffic stop like that of Philando for a bad tail light? What about if you are a vendor (licensed or not) selling something and a police officer approaches you, like in the case of Alton? Do you fear your safety immediately? What do you do when you come face to face with a police officer nowadays?

Even tho these killings are mainly of black men, these killings affect everyone- black and white. I am not against Black Lives Matter or the fact that a lot of these cases are the result of racial profiling. However, I am about All Lives Matter and the fact that these killings are not just about the color of skin its about the state of affairs of our communities, our country, our livelihood, our peace of mind, and our futures. 

I write about Love and Romance, so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to write about Love in concerns of the state of affairs of our country regarding these police killings. These killings are causing black people to fear and hate the police. These killings are teaching young black men and blacks specifically to hate white people. These killings are causing a racial divide among races at a rate that I'm sure is paramount to when our parents were growing up. Hate is replacing Love in our community against a system that was put in place to protect everyone- not just blacks. Instead of lynching black men, they are shooting them and not suffering the consequences of their murderous actions. Instead of raping black women, the police are killing their husbands and their fathers. This is Hate not Love.

The difference between now and our parents time is that their is a new breed of children who are going to fight back. Who are not going to sit down and just take what is going on. The children of today are also carrying guns and shooting the police (some justifiably and some not). This is another form of Hate that our children are growing up with. 

I can't fathom the state of affairs for our country and our communities in the next five years. Its bad now. Can you imagine how much worse it will be in another five years? So what can we do about it?
What do we teach our kids about the police now? What do we tell our young black men when they walk out the door in the morning to go to work? What do we tell our sons when they wear a hoodie to go to the store for us? How do WE feel when we see an officer out in public? What do we do when an officer pulls us over for a busted tail light?   These are all questions I am sure you are asking and will discuss with your family and children but these should be questions that should be discussed with your local sheriff and police department heads too. Come together to talk about the state of affairs in Your community. Take action to ensure the safety of Your children in Your community and do something about what's going on in the streets that you frequent with your family and your husbands, fathers, and sons. This would be an act of Love for Your community, your state, your country. "Love Thy Neighbor," is a commandment from God but it seems many have forgotten that commandment. Please don't be one of those ones that turns to hate when we can turn to Love to improve the state of affairs right next door. Black Lives Do Matter, but doesn't everyone's around us? Make a Difference and Love Thy Neighbor by Taking Action in Your Community.

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