Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Its That Time Again- September is Take Your Man on a Date Month

Last year was the first time I heard about this special romantic holiday and I took full advantage of it by taking out the guy that I was dating at the time. We had a great time and even though it was not the first time I had treated him out to dinner, he still appreciated it just as much.

Men have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders- taking care of home, being father to our children, trying to make us happy everyday, and rising above the adversities of a pretty messed up social and political climate right now. Men deserve to be treated out and given special attention for all their efforts, hard work and commitment. One thing all men need is to feel needed so feeling needed and then being shown appreciation for all they do and all they are to us, is an even bigger thing for them!

As women we have so many opportunities to be spoiled. Men deserve these opportunities too. Their is the expectation that men are supposed to pursue us, ROMANCE us, court us, and be the provider- and that is all true. However, as women we have to support, love and respect in return. We can do that by showing him that we care about his wants and desires, are interested in the things that mean something to him, and treating him out on a date every once in a while!

So its August 30th, start planning a date night catered to your man and show him how much you adore and appreciate all he does and is to you. I promise he will appreciate it!

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Pay Attention to Body Language

Yesterday's blog was on kissing on the first date. To further the discussion on dating, we have to consider- BODY LANGUAGE.  When dating someone its really important to not just listen to them when they are talking, be attentive to their mannerisms and take every opportunity to get to know them, but it is also important especially in the early stages of dating to pay attention to the person's body language. A persons body language can answer questions you might be thinking without actually asking such as are they attracted to you? Are they interested in what you have to say? Are they sincerely interested in learning about you? Are they bored? Are they enjoying themselves? and guess what, Will they mind if you kiss or hug them?

If a person remains close to you, touches you lightly, smiles a lot, gives you eye contact, focuses on your lips when you talk to them and lets you touch the small of their back when you are walking, then this is a pretty great date that could definitely end in a kiss!
But, if a person keeps their distance, moves out of your reach, yawns or keeps looking away, is not giving you their undivided attention (especially checking or texting on their cellphone) and shy away when you go to hold their hand or touch you then your date is probably not that into you and I would not even attempt a hug!

Body language says a lot especially to a respectful man, so pay attention to your dates body language when you are out with them to make sure that you are not only keeping their interest but also before you make the first move to touch, hug or kiss them. A person that is into you will show it in the way they look, engage and focus on you. They will also show if they are not too. Pay attention to body language and you will find out (without words) where you stand. 

Now some people are hard to read or might be giving mix signals OR they might be verbally saying one thing but their body language says another. If this is the case, ask before going into their personal space and take it SLOWER. Mixed signals could be a sign of shyness, insecurity, mixed feelings about their attraction to you or not or something else not yet established. Either way, mixed signals are a sign to not invade their personal space and to take your time and because I am an advocate for No Means No. If a persons body language is saying their not interested or they aren't comfortable with you being in their personal space, then respect it, give them space, and let them lead this part of the date. 

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

First Date- Kiss or Not?

You meet someone, you decide to go out on a date and it goes well. You have a good conversation. Dinner is awesome! You even share dessert. One party is expressing a more interest than the other. The man walks the lady to her car, like a true gentleman , and they hug. Now here is the part where it can get awkward. I am all about showing public displays of affection, showing your gratitude after a date and letting a person know that you are interested in seeing them again. That in my mind, is a successful first date and dates ideally. However, is it okay to kiss on the first date?

As the true romantic I am, I think that if the vibe is there and you are setting up a second date and really had natural chemistry then a kiss is okay. But, if you are not sure about a second date, the date was more awkward then enjoyable and you are not quite sure if their is any chemistry than you should hold on the kiss. I believe in being polite on a first date and when dating someone because if you aren't sure but open to seeing them again then you don't want to turn them off by refusing their hug or their kiss to the point of hurting their feelings or turning them off from wanting to pursue something more, so I think its safe that if you aren't sure, to give or allow a sweet tender kiss on the cheek that says, yes, I welcome your affection but I am not quite ready to take that step.

In my opinion, kissing is very intimate. In my blog titled 10 Ways to Be Intimate I talked about ways to be intimate with your partner. Kissing is very intimate. A key can say so many things in the passion of the moment. A simple kiss on the cheek can say I care about you and am attracted to and like your presence on a first date. However, a kiss on the mouth can say that I really want to get to know you, I want more from you (date or sexual) and I would like to pursue more. Now, their are different types of kisses we all know so a kiss on the mouth that involves tongue can say Wow, you're great, I am seriously feeling you and I definitely want to spend more time with you AND you are super sexy and I want you. All kisses can be passionate, most are ROMANTIC and they all say that I want you. Be careful about the degree that you kiss someone on the first date because just like the actual date itself, it sets the tone for future dates and the intimacy and passion that will come from this new journey you possibly are embarking on together.

For me kissing is a big deal especially when it involves tongue, so I am very careful about who I kiss in that manner, but I am also a very affectionate romantic and love a gentle kiss on the cheek and the response it sets off- lots of smiling, blushing and excitement. Enjoy your first date and if it ends in a kiss then you are on your way to something that could lead to ROMANCE and Love.

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