Tuesday, July 7, 2015

How Romantic Are You?

When thinking about romance, we have to look at ourselves in the mirror to figure out just how romantic we are currently. Are we a hopeless romantic- a person who is consistently romantic and always looking for new ways to romance their mate? Are we romantic on occasion- when the time presents itself, we take full advantage of it (for instance on Valentine's Day or your mate's birthday). Or are you romantic only when your mate expresses that she/he wishes that you would be? 

I myself, would say that I am a hopeless romantic because I see romance in practically everything. Movies, music, older couples, childhood sweethearts, shopping and more! I love everything that can be considered romance and enjoy helping others set up romantic experiences for their mates.

If you are reading my blog, then something in you is curious about being more romantic in your life. Since I have not been writing for a while, lets go back to a few previous blogs. In my blog, What is Romance, http://romancequeen101.blogspot.com/2014/12/what-is-romance.html, I defined what romance was to me. I also shared some definitions of romance with you from reputable sources. In that blog post I also shared my list of Romantic Traits. Among them were expressive, sweet, loving, pleasurable and emotional. If you exude these traits in doing little things for your mate, you are already creating a romantic experience for your loved one. Putting your feelings and emotions into anything you do for your mate can be a romantic gesture that is meaningful and memorable for them. 

It is easy to be romantic when the Romance Traits are expressed towards someone that you love. Love, attraction and a genuine interest in someone is very important when you want to be romantic as we discussed before http://romancequeen101.blogspot.com/2014/12/what-motivates-romance.html. Without a genuine interest and attraction for someone it is very hard to be romantic. If your heart is not motivated to want to please someone then its hard to be romantic with them. It is also hard to be romantic with someone who doesn't appreciate it. Nonetheless, if you desire to be more romantic or are romantic already, keeping romance alive and having a healthy, loving and lasting romantic relationship is an ongoing commitment to your relationship that both of you deserve. 

Whether, you are a hopeless romantic or you are the occasional romantic or maybe even the begrudged romantic, romance can be fun, healthy, sexy, therapeutic and beneficial to your relationship in many ways.  You just have to decide how romantic you want to be with your special someone or if you think its time to become a romantic person to enhance your current relationship or possibly your future one!

Take a moment to read the past blogs and refresh your memory on the Romance Traits and Keys to Romance before we continue... In our next blog we will discuss what are some reasons why people choose not to be romantic. See you then.

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