Monday, February 29, 2016

Let's Talk About Sex- Part 1

So yesterday I was talking to someone about my blog and some subjects to write about and they said that they have been reading my blog and saw a blog on Communication and on Intimacy but what about Sex?

Sex is an important part of every relationship and should not be taken lightly. I remember someone told me that they do not have sex with everyone they date because when a man and woman have sex they connect on a higher level and you do not want to connect with everyone in such a way. They also said that when two people have sex the man penetrates her and the energy between the two are transferred. Some energy is not good for us, so we do not want to transfer negative energy to ourselves. This was a man talking and I think that's why it stuck out in my memory. I was not used to a man talking about not having sex. 
We were taught as adolescents that we should wait for marriage to have sex. I was taught that as well. However, we are all adults and most of us have had pre-marital sex so its only right for us to talk There are some reasons to hold out on sex tho otherwise than the opinion of my humble friend above:
1. Women are emotional creatures, thus, most women connect more once they have sex with you. Advice I have given women and they come back to me and tell me that it made a difference, is "wait to have sex until you know that your relationship is going where you want it to go." I myself always didn't follow that rule but as of lately I have. Women are emotionally wired and it doesn't feel good when we have had sex with a man and then two weeks its over. We feel like a piece of us goes with him because we have shared our bodies with him. It can leave us feeling vulnerable, empty or used. So my suggestion for both men and women (and myself) is to hold off on having sex until you know if your relationship is going to go past dating.
2. Take time to get tested first. HIV and STDs are rampant. Some STDs you are not even aware of until you have symptoms, if you have symptoms and HIV can take up to a year to show in your system. The time it takes for you to go to the doctors to get tested and get the results can be 1-3 weeks. It would be nice if the two of you can go together. A couple of mine, make testing a part of date night by going to the testing center to get tested together and then going on a date after. Going together reduces anxiety and shows your support for each other. 
3. Talk about your wants and desires first to see if you are compatible. Some people are more sexual than others. Some people have certain appetites that might be uncomfortable for others and some are turned off after having a conversation about sex because they find out their sexual history that is disturbing. I am not prejudice nor do I have problems with those who are homosexual or bisexual but some women would not choose to be with a man who is bisexual or had a homosexual experience and some men do not want to deal with a woman who is bisexual or had a lesbian relationship. This is a matter of choice and preference and should be respected but its better to learn a person's sexual history BEFORE you have sex with them and not after. This is also a good time to talk about contraception and what kind you use. I am allergic to latex so because I have to use certain condoms I like to let my partner know before we have sex so either he or I can get the right ones that won't aggravate my nana.
4. Plan your first time. If you both agree to wait for 90 days like Steve Harvey suggests or 20 dates like on 40 Year Old Virgin then you have the time in between to really get to know each. It gives you time to plan the perfect ROMANTIC first time together and it also gives you time to figure out if this is what you really want. Holding off on sex and planning it together is something we've discussed before (just not when it pertains to sex). 

5. You find out if its Love or Lust. When you have sex too soon you might misconstrue the feelings you have for one another as Love when its really Lust. There is a difference between the two. Lust is motivated by physical attraction. Love is motivated by the person inside (not just out). When you lust for someone and the fire burns will they still be there? When you love someone and the fire burns, you expect them to still be there. There is a difference. Recognize it. 

I think this is a good place to stop for now. This gives you time to think about how sex plays a role in your relationship if you are dating someone. If you are married then you have already had sex and this is something we will discuss next. 

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Tribue to Black History Month!

Black History Month is not exactly a romantic celebration but I could not let February end without recognizing this great accomplishment to designate a month to celebrate the contributions of blacks to our history and our futures. Black History Month started off as Negro History week in 1926 when historian Carter Woodson declared that it was essential to ensure the survival of the race when he said:

"If a race has no history, it has no worthwhile tradition, it becomes a negligible factor in the thought of the world, and it stands in danger of being exterminated. The American Indian left no continuous record. He did not appreciate the value of tradition; and where is he today? The Hebrew keenly appreciated the value of tradition, as is attested by the Bible itself. In spite of worldwide persecution, therefore, he is a great factor in our civilization."[5]
Originally Negro History Week was the second week of February to acknowledge Abraham Lincoln (Feb. 12) and Frederick Douglass' (Feb. 14) birthdays. The initial reason for starting Negro History Week was to encourage teaching the history of American blacks in schools. Negro History Week gained support from the Department of Education in North Carolina, Delaware, and West Virginia as well city schools in Baltimore and Washington, DC. By 1929 Departments of Education of every state with "considerable Negro Population" had made the event known in their schools and also distributed literature. Even churches were endorsing Negro History Week by distributing literature along with mainstream and black press. Negro History Week grew in popularity over the decades with Mayors across the U.S. endorsing it as a holiday.

In February 1969 the leaders of the Black United States at Kent State University expanded Negro History Week to Black History Month. The first celebration of Black History Month took place at Kent College the following year. In 1976, as part of the United States Bicentennial Black History was recognized by the U.S. government under Gerald Ford.

In tribute of Black History Month I looked for some African Americans who were romantics and found the following links:
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All Time Best Black Romance Movies
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Monday, February 22, 2016

Valentines is Over- Now What?!

Valentines is over but being romantic should not. Do we go back to being Mr. Grouch, Ms. Naggy Poo, or Mr. and Mrs. War of the Roses (great movie for date night by the way)? I hope not! Now that you have been inspired continue being ROMANTIC and thinking of special ways to be show your admiration, appreciation, and adoration for your special someone. 

What does it mean to be all these things:

* Admiration is defined by the Free Dictionary online as a "feeling of strong approval or delight with regard to someone or something." Its always a good feeling for your special someone to feel as if you are delighted to be with them and approve of who you are. Knowing that the person you spend your time with admires who you are is a feeling that can keep a relationship strong. When a person starts to feel as if they are not delightful or approved by you then a break down can start to occur in your relationship. One way to show your admiration is to simply say it. I was once told tat "one thing about you that I love is how strong you are and how you are supportive of me." This let me know that he approved of the woman I was to him and that it brought him some comfort. Telling someone why you chose them can mean a lot, even in bad times.
Some good articles to read about showing admiration:
For women-
For men-

* Appreciation is defined as "the act of recognizing someones worth as a person or showing that you are grateful for something that person has done" according to the Cambridge English Dictionary online. I remember a conversation with someone I dated that had me very perplexed and feeling frustrated. They said that they didn't feel I appreciated them. I am not the one to take advantage of someone and always appreciate someones support, encouragement, help and so forth so this really hurt me that THEY did not feel as if I appreciated them when I did. Even more disturbing to me is that I loved them and that in itself made me appreciate who they were. I can't love someone I don't appreciate, can I? For me, no. So I had to do things (more than saying it) to show them that I appreciated them. I often times hear from couples that "my wife (or husband) does not appreciate me." My response usually is "are you showing that you appreciate them?" Appreciation goes both ways. We want to feel appreciated but we also want to show appreciation. That can be as simple as saying so or doing something to show that we appreciate them like cooking dinner for them, taking the kids out while they rest, or just listening when they need to vent. What we don't want to happen is for someone to not feel appreciated and stop doing things that you appreciate. Resentment has set in at this point and sometimes its hard to turn that around, so show your appreciation for your special someone as much as you can so they know that you admire who they are to you and that you appreciate all they do. 
For women-
For men- and

* Adoration is probably the most important means of being ROMANTIC. Adoration is having a "deep love or respect" for someone. When you love someone you show it by admiring who they are and appreciating them. Loving someone also encompasses other things such as commitment, devotion, loyalty, trust, and RESPECT. Love is not harmful, abusive, demeaning, unfaithful or haughty. When you love someone you do everything in your power to make them happy. You support them. You take care of them. You want to please them. You show it. To adore someone is to have respect for the relationship you have at all times. I can't express enough that if we think about our special someone and make them a priority in our lives then we can not go wrong. This does not mean, compromise yourself. It means that you understand that their happiness adds to your happiness. 
For both- and

All the above is something that should not only be done if you're married. It is also necessary for those who are dating and courting. All of the above are simple to do if you truly feel admiration, appreciation, and adoration for your special someone. Loving someone and being with someone should not be hard. Though relationships are not easy, they should not be an obstacle course and if we show these emotions/qualities all the time (or most of the time), it can reduce the stress that relationships bring and help maintain a healthy ROMANTIC relationship. 

Friday, February 12, 2016

Power 98 favorite love song countdown!

Its Almost that Day!- Cupid is on His Way!

Happy Share the LOVE day! Valentines is in less than 48 hours and Cupid is on his way. A couple days ago I posted the Share the LOVE Challenge. I hope that you are sharing the Challenge with your friends on your Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram pages and ready to start the Challenge today if you haven't already.

Valentines is a great time to share love with your special someone, kids, family, friends and community, so take advantage of this ROMANTIC time and share the love with everyone you come in contact with.

Meanwhile, Cupid is getting sexy and ROMANTIC for us and ready to Share the LOVE with everyone in his path and sprinkling his arrow with some ROMANCE! I hope you're ready to show off what you've read on my blog and adding your own personal touches. I wish you a great night to kick off the Valentines weekend and have fun sharing the LOVE with everyone!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Valentines is For Kids Too

If you're a parent like me you don't want to leave the kids out for Valentines. Like any other holiday you want to share this time with your kids. Make sure that your spouse or date knows that you have allotted time for your kids, so that they are respectful of it and will plan ahead for your date. If you are married, plan to do something with the kids for Valentines together. Kids need to see their parents in love, happy and enjoying each other and Valentines is a great time to show them the love you have for each other. Even if you are not married, its good to include the co-parent in your Valentines plans for the kids, if they are available and it won't cause drama.

Here are some ideas for things to do with your kids:
* Take your kids on a date. Let the kids get dressed up and take them out for a day on the town. Go get something to eat, take them to their favorite fun place and pick up dessert on the way home, surprising them with a little gift too! You treat yourself and your special someone for Valentines so treat your kids too! They will have fun and it will be a great experience for them if dad treats the little princess like a King would and your little Prince like a Queen would. We are our best examples for our kids!
* Have a dessert party at home with their friends. Make cookies, bake a cake, grab some ice cream and have a fun time with your kids and their friends. Don't forget the hersheys kisses and the sweetheart candies.
* Watch some of your favorite romantic kid appropriate movies together with popcorn and candy. A couple movies would be A Charlie Brown Valentine, Princess & The Frog, Lady and the Tramp, and Cinderella.
* Do a treasure hunt outside or in the house or at your favorite park so the kids can find different treats that lead to their Valentines gift.
* Make them a Valentines card for your child with their pictures, telling them why you love them.
* Let the kids make Valentines breakfast, whatever they want (cereal, fruit, hot chocolate, or any other tasty treat)! Or if they are too small, ask them what they want and let them help you make it.
* Visit an elderly neighbor or the local childrens hospital or shelter and take cookies, cakes or muffins. Make sure you do not get anything with peanuts in it. We don't want anyone to have an allergic reaction during your charitable visit.

Their are all kinds of things you can do with your kids, including asking them to do the Share the Love Challenge we talked about on our blog yesterday. More importantly, we want this day to be filled with love for your kids. Every day we should say "I Love to You" to our kids and this is just another way to show them how. Have fun with the little ones and please share your moments with us here on this blog and on our Facebook page.

More ideas:

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Share the LOVE Challenge

Its almost that time ROMANCE lovers! Valentines Day is 3 days away and I am getting super giddy. Valentines is a great day for couples and singles and is a day that the whole world celebrates LOVE. One powerful thing that this world needs is LOVE more than anything. If everyone had LOVE in their hearts, then this world would be a better one. Their would be no hatred, no wars, no killing, or reasons to fight. Marriages would be stronger, couples would be happier, and our lives would be more peaceful, so I challenge you to SHARE THE LOVE this Valentines with everyone you get in contact with on Valentines Day and for the rest of the month of February! 
Here's how you can join this Share the Love Challenge for the rest of the month of February:
* Call your family and friends during Valentines weekend and say "I LOVE You!"

* Tell your kids every chance you get, "I LOVE you" and tell them why, regularly.
* Smile at everyone that crosses your path.
* Say hello to people you directly come in contact with.
* Help someone who appears to need it.
If everyone can do this Valentines weekend and for the rest of February then it will increase the LOVE in our community. 

Valentines is one day that we celebrate love but if you can try to do the Share the Love Challenge for the rest of the month then we have extended the LOVE Valentines brings to everyone for a longer period of time. 

Remember when 911 happened and everyone seemed to be friendlier, more compassionate and loving to one another, regardless of race, sex or preference. Well it shouldn't take a traumatic event to Share the LOVE to people that we encounter on a daily basis. It also shouldn't take Valentines for people to share LOVE with others. 

LOVE is one of God's greatest qualities. LOVE is what creates happiness and peace. LOVE is a need for every human being, regardless of who you are. LOVE is what can make the world go round. For each person that participates in the Share the LOVE Challenge, their are at least 10 times that many people who will be infected with LOVE because we come in contact with many people throughout the day, so share this post with your friends, family, social media, and colleagues and lets accept the privilege to Share the LOVE with others!

Please share your stories with everyone on this post and add me on Facebook to share your stories on my Facebook page!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Couple of the Month Contest

Starting March 2016, I will be featuring couples that should be recognized for being great together and have a thriving ROMANTIC relationship! In order to be a part of this contest, you MUST join my Romantic Couples Challenge. For more information look at the blog post that introduced the Challenge to you. On the 1st of the following month, I will announce the winner here on my blog and on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. To join us on these networks visit our blog post with all the links for our social networks. 
I am looking forward to this contest with our ROMANTIC couples throughout 2016. Please share this page with other couples and let's have some fun. Their will be a prize for all the winners and if you have businesses that you want to share when you win, that can be included in your Winners Announcement as well. I am all about networking!
So join us in the Couples Challenge and lets have a great year of ROMANCE.

5 days until Valentines!- Are you Ready?

Are you almost ready for Valentines Day? By now, you should have the special someone that is going to be your Valentine, started planning for your ROMANTIC date, and bought a gift for your Valentine or have one in mind. Now its time to finalize your plans for Valentines, get your gift wrapped if you haven't already and get yourself ready for a ROMANTIC night. If you haven't already make an appointment to get your hair done or hair cut. Valentines is going to be a busy weekend for beauticians and barbers, so make an appointment today if you haven't already. 

Have you purchased your outfit yet? This is probably the time to do it because the stores are going to be flooded, especially if you are a woman. This is a good time to wear that dress or sexy outfit you've had in the back of your closet that you've been dying to wear. Pull it out, try it on and make sure it fits and go for it! If I don't already have something in my closet that I want to wear, which is the norm for me, then I like to buy something to wear in his favorite color. So when he opens the door to see his favorite gal, he also sees her looking hot in his favorite color! Win win!

Side note: Make sure your under garments are just as sexy as your outfit. You never know what may happen during or after your ROMANTIC date, so you want your under garments to be just as sexy as your outfit!

If you have kids and you are not including them in your Valentines date, then make sure you have a responsible baby sitter or childcare to watch the kids for the hours you need. Always plan for at least an extra hour for travel time and a last minute stop to smooch in the car before getting dropped off or going home. Reliable baby sitters are also great for your regular date nights!

You also may want to check your funds. Do you have enough money to carry out your Valentines plans? Its very embarrassing when you get the check and can't pay the bill, especially if this is a fairly new person you are dating. If you are like me, its a red flag for how you budget your money and I consider all that when it comes to if I want to be in a relationship with you, so if your funds are good, then great but if they are slim, then adjust your date plans. You can have a ROMANTIC date on a budget. See this blog for how

Last but not least talk to your date and make sure that they are good with all of the above too, especially if they have kids, and if they need help with anything offer to help, if you can. If you plan to pay for the date, then don't talk to them about money. It may turn them off if you ask them to pay for something that you promised you would take care of. 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Single & Dating during Valentine's!

There are many of you who are single and Valentines Day may be your first, second or fifth date with your Valentine. This is a great time to show who you are, what you are about and how much the person you have chosen to spend Valentine's with how important they are to you, so I would encourage you to go all out. 
Take your Valentine to your favorite restaurant, but make sure that you consider their taste when picking the spot. You might not have discussed favorite foods yet during one of your dates, so planning Valentines together is also a way to get to know each other. If your favorite restaurant to eat at is Sullivan's because you're a steak lover but she doesn't like steak, make sure they have something on the menu she does love. If not, you may want to try out another place that has great steaks but also has a variety of foods to eat. However, Sullivans does also serve beef and seafood, so you may have a winner with this place. Three of my favorite restaurants in Charlotte are Merts Heart & Soul, Cajun Queen and Cheesecake Factory.  I also listed in my Day 2 Countdown to Valentines blog post some restaurants that are having Vday dinner specials. 
Now when it comes to gifts, should you buy one for someone that you are not sure you are going to commit to? My answer is yes, absolutely. A simple but romantic gift for women are: flowers, chocolates, a card with a gift card inside (just a card is tacky), a teddy bear, movie tickets, or something simple. For men, I would suggest coupons made by you for your next date (yes knowing that another date is coming is an ego booster for men), a hat, tee shirts, or a gift card to a place he's mentioned in your many late night conversations. Its not only a gesture to show that you thought enough of them to buy something but its also ROMANTIC to present a gift to someone you are dating on THE most ROMANTIC day of the year. It doesn't have to cost a fortune and I don't recommend it be expensive (unless you just got it like that) but I do advise that you get him/her something for Valentines Day.

Being single and dating can be somber for some, but it doesn't have to be. If you do not have a special someone for Valentine's, spend it with your children, parents, grandparents, siblings, or best friend. Or you can do something charitable and take candies to the children's hospital or donuts to the nearest senior living home. Valentines does not have to be tears and ice cream binges. Make the best of this ROMANTIC holiday and make someone smile just by thinking of them and wanting to spend time with them. it doesn't have to be someone intimate, it can be family or friends too. Have fun and don't waste this romantic holiday just because you're single.

You can also treat yourself to a ROMANTIC day by going to get your nails done, a hair cut or new hairstyle, eat at your favorite restaurant and go see the newest comedy out. One popular event that takes place around Valentines for singles is speed dating. I heard its fun and you get to meet singles in your area, so check out a speed dating event and meet some new people who are also searching for ROMANCE and someone to spend time. Sometimes treating yourself is better than anyone can do for you so again, have fun with Valentines and enjoy the spirit of Love anyway you can even if you are single.

There's only 6 more days until Valentines! Keep reading for more of my Valentines Countdown! To join my Singles & Romantic group on Facebook, add me and send me a message asking to be added! You can find me at

Friday, February 5, 2016

Its day 5 and there are 8 more days to Valentine's!

I'm sorry I missed Day 4 of our countdown but mommy duty called with my son being sick. The weekend is here and this is the last weekend left before Valentine's Day, so this is the perfect weekend to go shopping for your Valentine's. Valentine's is not just for the ladies, its for men too so ladies make sure you get him something nice and that is specifically for him. Sometimes, like Christmas, we buy them things they need like a hammer or a garden tool (ha ha), but those are not specifically for him, unless he's a tools fanatic. Get him something more personal, like the shirt you saw in the window going to lunch that you knew would look great for him or a bracelet engraved with his name or a weekend vacation to one of his favorite places. Be thoughtful when buying gifts for him so he doesn't feel like its just something that you saw on sale. Buy it for HIM. 
The same is true for the ladies and since most feel like Valentines Day is for women, like weddings, its even more important to get her something for HER and present it in a ROMANTIC package that will have her smiling before she even opens it. 
Because you want the gift to be specific to HER, make sure you know her sizes (clothes, shoes and finger). Guys love to see women in lingerie so make sure you also know her bra size too. Its not hard to find out if you live together, but if you don't live together, please don't guess. Either find a way to get it without asking (because you are giving off clues) or buy something sexy that doesn't require a bra size. However, if something really turns you on when you envision her in it, just make sure you get a gift receipt (for everything) so that you can take it back if you need to for the right size. If you know she's a little self conscious about her body, don't buy something too revealing just because you like it. Be considerate of how she feels without compromising the sexy! One thing I love a man to do is just give me a gift card so I can go shop for myself at my favorite store. You can't lose there at all!
Another favorite for Valentines Day of course is jewelry. This is something you can make unique to your taste, because she is wearing it for you. You want to consider her taste and style but when her friends say "who got that for you," or "dd he gibe that to you girl," its representing you! I hate to say it but the women will talk if you buy her something cheesy looking. So pick jewelry with care and think about how it will look on her and that your name will be attached to it. Do not buy a piece of jewelry just because it fits your budget. Buy the piece of jewelry that makes you smile and says "that's the one." If you can't afford a two carat diamond, buy a two carat birthstone. It will be cheaper than the diamond. However, if you can afford the diamond, then make sure it is one that you will admire or don't get it at all. Jewelry is worn more than the lingerie, shirt, or scarf you buy so you want it to be something special. 

I personally recommend a Pandora bracelet with some hand picked charms. Its probably cheaper than a diamond ring but very very priceless and meaningful because you can pick charms that fit her beauty, charm and style and its something you can add to during all future special occasions or just because. They are great gifts for your special someone, daughter, sister, or mother. 
Some other gifts that she may like are:
1. Day at the spa,
2. Overnight stay in the city, country, or mountains (different scenery from where she lives),
3. Shopping spree at her favorite mall,
4. Gift basket full of little goodies and trinkets,
5. Collectors items (if she collects things like crystals, shells, etc)
6. Opera/Theatre/Concert tickets, 
7. Designer purse,
8. Limo ride for her Girls Night (yes women deserve girls night every now and then),
9. Catering to her all weekend (include the kids in it if you have some), and
10. Propose!

No matter what you get him or her for Valentines Day, make sure it is:
* from the heart!
* specific to them
* the right size
* you're proud of it
* its wrapped in a ROMANTIC package!

Happy Vday shopping!


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Its Day 3 of Our Valentine's Countdown!

Its Day 3 and things are looking good for Vday. Its coming pretty fast, so let's do something else spontaneous today! Let's give our special someone some chocolate! Yes chocolate! Men and women both love chocolate including kids, moms, and dads. I am not a big chocolate person but I love chocolate covered strawberries like the one my bestie, Melissa, sent me for my birthday last month from Edible Arrangements

Chocolate does have some benefits, otherwise than being awesome and delicious! Here are some of chocolates benefits:
* Chocolate improves your mood and cognitive performance.
* Chocolate reduces your appetite, so if you are a snacker like me, eat a piece of chocolate before french fries and see how that goes. 
* Dark Chocolate can cause improved cardiovascular (and vascular) health. 
* Chocolate modulates blood flow thus healthier glowing skin.
* Dark Chocolate reduces inflammation.
* Chocolate is a prebiotic.
* Chocolate has the same weight loss benefits as coffee.
I read about these benefits at, so take a look and read about each of these benefits in detail.

If your special someone does not like chocolate, try something else sweet like sweetheart candies (the ones that have affirmations on them, caramel, cupcakes, cake, or even ice cream! Whatever their favorite dessert, is, stop on your way home and get some, make or bake it yourself or have it specially delivered to them. They will love that not only you considered them, that you also knew their favorite dessert, and you were being ROMANTIC too. 
Guess what, another benefit to chocolate is that it melts...wink*

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Day 2 of Valentine's Day Countdown

So we are now on day 2 leading up to Valentines Day! Hopefully you have already asked your Valentine to be your Valentine in a romantic way. Now it is time to start looking for things to do for Valentine's Day. Search your local event sites to see what events are going on in your city for Valentine's. Most local papers and local new stations will have Valentine's events for adults, kids and families. You also may want to call your favorite restaurants and hotels to see what specials they are having for Valentine's Day or check out restaurants and venues that you have always been interested in visiting to see what they have going on.
Another important part of Valentine's Day is talking to your Valentine to see what they want to do! You want to consider them in all your planning, so either get their input and plan it yourself or take the time to plan it together. Valentine's Day should be filled with fun, love and forming new memories, so both of you should be looking forward to the time you are going to spend together. Knowing your special someone will help you plan the perfect Valentine's Day.
Some of my former blogs to visit to help you plan are:
Getting to Know Your Special Someone,
Where are You Going,, and 
Being Romantic on a Budget,

Other Valentine's links:
If you live in Charlotte, here are some restaurants with Valentine's specials, and things to do or
Cheap and close vacations,
Ideas for Couples,

Monday, February 1, 2016

Valentine's Day is coming!- Day One

Valentine's Day is coming and it is ONE of my favorite holidays which is fitting since I am the Romance Queen! I love this time of year because everyone is getting ready to wow their special someone with a great Valentine's Day. We know that the whole purpose of my blog is to keep ROMANCE alive throughout the year so even though I love Valentine's Day itself, let's not forget that Valentine's Day is just one out of 365 days that we can show our love and affection for someone. However, being romantic universally with millions of other people is super exciting, in my opinion. The feel of the stores, boutiques and overall anticipation of the day is what I enjoy the most. So with that being said I am going to be counting down to Valentine's Day with you and offering suggestions every day.  Also, I would invite you to join my Couples Romance Challenge or if you are single, my Single & Romantic mingles group. Both are on Facebook and I will be referring to them often on my blog. For more information about both see my last two blog posts. 

So Day 1 of our countdown is Rose Day. On your way home today, pick up some roses for your special someone. It can be one rose or a dozen. It doesn't matter. Pick a rose to take home to your special someone, male or female and put a smile on their face while the two of you are planning Valentine's together. 

Part of planning a special Valentine's is sharing Valentine's with someone who is special to You, whether its your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, lover, mom or daughter. TODAY is the day to ask her to be your Valentine. Even if you are married, pick up the roses on your way home, or on your way to see her or send them to her via messenger and ask her. Your wife or hubby will love the romantic gesture of asking her to be Yours all over again!

Let me know how it goes. Until tomorrow, happy rose shopping!