Thursday, December 22, 2016

Have a Romantic Christmas Countdown!

Good morning everyone! I hope you are having a great start to your Christmas holiday. Even though I am not a big holiday person, I do know that the holidays are a great opportunity to be extra romantic.  If you haven't already planned something romantic and sweet for your special someone, its not too late.  Christmas is a time for family, friends, giving, and love! You can't have a complete Christmas without sharing it with the person you profess your love to. If you can't spend the actual holiday together, at least plan SOMEthing that you two can enjoy together.

Some suggestions:
* Plan breakfast in bed the morning of or the morning before.
* Exchange a small gift between the two of you in private.
* Plan a romantic dinner for just the two of you the night before or the night after.
* Go shopping with each other and make it a date while you're at it.
* Send Christmas cards to each other in the mail!
* Go for a drive to see the Christmas lights.
* Watch old Christmas movies snuggled on the couch with some wine and chocolates.

There are so many things you can do to spark some ROMANCE this Christmas. Always make time for passion in your relationship, even during the busy holiday! If you have some suggestions for a ROMANTIC Christmas, leave a comment below.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Yes Women Can Propose- Finale!

So in my last blog I mentioned that I took the leap and I proposed to my man.  The day started off as a normal Saturday and him and the kids and I got up to go shopping. We spent a day shopping and having good quality family time. One of the last stores we went to was Helzberg Diamonds. I love jewelry so I went in there to look at their sales. I looked at quite a few rings and I noticed that he was watching. The one I fell in love was a white sapphire ring and it was gorgeous! I love colored stones but this ring was unique. My daughter wanted to go to Books-A-Million so I went over there with her but my man stayed behind. Before I left him there, and being the nosy woman I am, I noticed THE ring was gone from the case. He shooed me away and I went to the book store with my daughter.

Now lets rewind... Him and I had a pretty emotional conversation about two weeks before and he admitted that there was a point that he wanted to ask me to marry him but that he was afraid (and for good reason {engaged before and disappointed} and {we hadn't been dating a year yet}). I knew in my heart that he was the ONE so I said to myself, hey why not propose to him and take the pressure off of him. We had been talking marriage. I knew he wanted to ask so I got excited immediately about asking him.

Fast forward. We left the mall and I knew that he had purchased the ring. So smiling, I put my plan into action to ask him. The ring I ordered for him 10 days before had come in the mail and was waiting for a special moment. I planned to ask him on my birthday, January 7th, but when we got home he said something similar to "I better love him" and something in my heart said its time to prove it to him. So my proposal came early. 

I got down on one knee in front of him and told him just how much I loved him and why. I think its always good to tell people why you love them when you say those three words because it validates the meaning even more. I could see fear and happiness in his eyes, so I hesitated but then I decided no. This is the RIGHT time. I got up off my wobbly old knees, dished for his ring in my drawer and straddled him on the bed. I told him that I had no doubt in my mind that I could be THE ONE for him and that I knew that he was the ONE for me despite our short courtship and despite his fears. I told him why I felt I was the one for him and then I presented the ring to him and asked him to marry me.

The look in his eyes was kind of scary, but he smiled with water on his eyes and he said yes! We kissed, hugged with joy and then the excitement began. Within an hour, pictures of his ring had been taken, his mom had been called and his best friend had been asked to be his best man! Then came his post to Facebook and the 300+ congratulation likes or comments!

All were happy for the actual engagement but of course their were some who had something to say about me actually doing it. Honestly, I was a little nervous about him announcing that I proposed to him but after the congrats came pouring in my nervousness died and was replaced with happiness. To feel the excitement and love in his words to his mom and his boys let me know I did the right thing at the right time by asking him. It didn't exactly go the way I planned with all the romance and mush I planned for my birthday but it was perfect!

I could have waited for my ring to come in and for him to ask me but I didn't. I followed my heart, relieved the stress off of his mind and did what worked for us and he was so proud that I took the initiative and asked him. Proud of my strength to do so despite the norm and was honored to tell everyone how proud of me he was that I stepped out the box.

And guess what...when my ring came in from being sized, he planned a magnificent day and proposed to me! Ladies, don't be afraid to propose to your man. It was a great experience for me and him and he respected me even more for loving him enough to do it. Happy Holidays from us to You!

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Single During the Holidays- What to Do!

Every one has had a holiday where they are single. I know I have plenty of times. So what do you do when you want to go to holiday parties, travel or do holiday activities and you are single? A friend of mine on my Facebook blog page was asking the same question. Some of the men on the thread suggested themselves for company. A few other women responded they were asking themselves the same thing. I suggested doing activities with your friend girls or your lover. So what is the answer to being single during the holidays?

Here are some suggestions:
* Do what YOU enjoy! If you have been wanting to go visit your friend in another state or see your cousin you haven't seen in awhile or want to catch the latest movies out in the theatre or go on a shopping spree and spend all the money on yourself. Do something that YOU enjoy doing. What better time to do then the holidays when you are off for a couple of days?
* Do not be negative. Instead of thinking about the mate you don't have or what's not going the way you want, get into the holidays spirit and be grateful for what you DO have- your kids, healthy parents, a home, a job... Get into the holiday spirit and enjoy it by putting on your favorite holiday CD, cooking your favorite dishes, inviting your best friends over or visiting with different families.
* Go to a singles event. You are not the only one who is single during the holidays. Their are others just like you so try a singles event around the holidays and go out and meet new people.  Sometimes the benefit of being single is that you get to spend the holidays with who you want and as many people as you want. 
* Volunteer. Their are others that are less fortunate, don't have family to spend time with and are unable to enjoy Christmas because of their circumstances. You can change all that by volunteering at local shelters or organizations. Give back to your community during the holidays and spend time with people who will truly appreciate your presence.

That leads us to some benefits of being single:
1. You don't have to stress out about buying your special someone (SS) a romantic gift. Buy something for yourself!
2. You don't have to split time between their family and yours. You can go wherever you want!
3. You can invest more time in YOU. 
4. You don't have to worry about impressing your SS's family or friends!
5. You can flirt with whoever you want at all the holiday parties.
6. You can walk around holding the mistletoe and get all the holiday kisses without feeling guilty!
7. You can leave parties when you are ready!
8. You get to eat the last of the holiday desserts and you don't have to share! That includes the leftovers you have left.
9. You can catch up on sleep if you want to do absolutely nothing!
10. No one else can wreck your holiday mood!

These are just some of the benefits I wanted to highlight that looked great to me but they are many more benefits to being single during the holidays. Read this funny article

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Yes! Women Can Propose- I Did!

My last blog post listed reasons why people felt that women should NOT propose and I gave my reasons to why I think its absolutely ludicrous! As a woman who has been ready to settle down for several years, I do not feel that its wrong for a woman to propose. Some do and that's their right. However, me being me- all about women's equality, rights and taking my life into my own hands I feel that it is quite okay if I want to propose to the man I love and want to spend the rest of my life with. 

The decision to propose (male or female) is not about anyone else but YOU and YOUR mate. You have to know what type of partner you have and whether your relationship will suffer (mainly his ego crushed) if you, ladies, proposed to him. We don't ever want to do anything to offend, hurt, or emasculate the man we want to spend our lives with, so if you have a man that you know 1000% would be completely offended by your proposal you probably should wait for him to propose to you OR propose to him that he proposes to you like this bride did here: (I highly suggest you start at 12;21 minutes...)

I searched the web for true life stories about women proposing to their man and I found a pretty awesome article here:

Eight Women Who Decided to Propose

So guess what?! I did it! 

Stay tuned to read how it went down on my next blog!