Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Letter to YOUR Special Someone

Dear Special Someone,

Their are a lot of good men out here. Their are men out here who want to be loved. Their are men out here who can respect you. Their are men out here who will treat you like a Queen. But guess what, sometimes we as women make it hard for these men to be with us. Why? Because maybe you are so used to bad men that you don't know a good man when you see him. Maybe because you are so independent that you can't let a man be a man. Maybe because you've been abused in the past and you don't know how to trust. Maybe because you are tired of being hurt so you can't open your heart to someone else. Maybe because you have some unresolved baggage you need to take care like a baby daddy, ex lover, or just emotional leftovers from the last wrong dude. Whatever your issue is, wake up.
Don't let these bad men make you blind to the good man. What happened to you in the past is the past and you might be passing up the chance for a great future because of your pain, fear, mistrust, and PAST! Let it go. Take it from me. I was that girl holding on to pain but I never lost my love for ROMANCE. I deserve it. I crave it. I want it. I need it. We were made to be loved. God created us to be helpmates, partners, mates, nurturers. We were made from Adam's rib so we can't go through life without one. You can heal. You can get better. You can love again. Let a good man love you and ROMANCE you. 

Love is a wonderful thing. It opens the door for happiness in every aspect of our lives but it is also the motivation for ROMANCE. Many men do not believe in romance anymore or if they do, they don't exercise the opportunity to be romantic because of the women they are running into who are too proud, too unappreciative and have nasty attitudes about men who want to ROMANCE them. ROMANCE is not a sign of weakness. ROMANCE is not just a way for a man to get in your pants ladies. ROMANCE is a way to show you that he likes you, is willing to invest in your happiness by making you smile and ROMANCE is a way for him to show his love and admiration for you in more ways than one. 
So ladies, special someOne's...If a man comes to pick you up for a date with flowers, take them happily, thank him and let him know you appreciate them. When a man opens your door for you, holds your seat for you to sit or covers your head with his only umbrella, let him, thank him, and be confident that all these gestures are signs that he thinks YOU are SPECIAL. Don't make him feel like less of a man by calling him weak, soft or too nice. It takes a special kind of man to be romantic. He's strong-minded, capable, compassionate and most of all a protector of your heart. ROMANCE isn't for weaklings. its for a King.

Romance Queen

Always in my research when I am writing I come across great websites such as . When dealing with our past sometimes its good to get some professional help to do so. Best wishes in your healing!


  1. I absolutely love this post! It speaks directly to me. I have carried so much hurt from my previous relationships. It wasn't until I met someone who was able to help me mend the broken pieces and feel whole again! Keep it up! I love your blog.

  2. Ok I feel you here and you are right in what your saying.