Wednesday, September 9, 2015

September is Take Your Man on a Date Month!

Hello ladies! September has been designated for TAKING your man on a date month! I love this month because it gives the ladies the chance to show their romantic side, what they like to do on dates from a woman's perspective and give the guys pointers just in case they are clueless the other months. 

So whether you have one special guy or you are dating a couple guys, here are some pointers:
1. Ask him formally on a date.
2. Plan the date yourself based on things he likes to do, places he likes to go and ideas you've heard him talk about.
3. Do not make it a group event. Tho I am sure your man likes to watch the game with the boys, inviting yourself to watch it with them as your "date" is not acceptable.
4. Do things on the date that you would like him to do for you. I always think its fun to reverse the roles during the time, by opening the door for him and ordering his favorite meal off the menu. Guys get a kick out of being spoiled especially when you're paying.
5. Pick him up for the date. Men like to be chauffeured too.
6. Pay for the date. Paying for the date makes this whole thing come together. Some guys always insist on paying for everything like dinner, but tonight let him know that everything is on you without watching every morsel he orders off the menu. 
7. Show you appreciation for him. Whether you did things on the date that you would like him to reciprocate or you turned up the ROMANCE meter on your date more than he has in the past, don't make this a "see what I mean" or "can you do better" date. Let him know that this date planned especially for him is for him. You did it you appreciate who he is to you. You care. You love (or like him very much) and most importantly because HE DESERVES IT! Men need to feel appreciated and what better way to do it then to take him out on a date doing things he likes best.
8. End it with intimacy. Intimacy does not mean intercourse. Possibly, you can have your first kiss, hold hands, give him a massage, dance for him or make love to him with passion and desire. Intimacy is about "being emotionally close to your partner" and often times physically close. To learn more about intimacy, refer to This was an interesting read.

Some date ideas for your man:
* Take him on a fishing charter. Some charters offer to c0ok your fish after and it makes for a great time to celebrate his catch and show off.
* Take him to his favorite sports bar for dinner and the game and treat him to all the drinks he desires (without getting him too drunk). Make sure its not the same spot his boys go to. You want to have this date with him not with them.
* Take him shopping for those tennis shoes he's been eyeing and maybe buy him a matching outfit to go with it. Guys love to good look for us ladies and you picking it out with him is a win win. 
* Take a weekend trip. Plan a weekend away from the kids, work and your normal surroundings. You don't have to go far but getting away from everyone is sometimes what we need to get the ROMANCE back in our relationships. It also is a great stress reliever for you both and a way for you both to enjoy new things together.
* Stay at home, cook him his favorite meal, watch a great movie, maybe on your Android TV box, and give him a great massage as foreplay for a very intimate night.

Plan something unique and memorable. Something he will talk about for months (even to his boys) and something you don't do on a regular. Show him off, be proud of the man you have chosen to date or commit to and Take Your Man on a date and show him how much you appreciate him.

Have fun ladies! Coming soon is a calendar created by me to Keep Romance going throughout the year. 

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  1. I love your writing. It great to see a woman that understands. Its not about them or its not all about me but its about us. Doing for each other to make the other happy and not to prove a point or to force them to do it.

    1. I know when I get in a relationship again I will consider all of what you have to say.