Thursday, February 11, 2016

Valentines is For Kids Too

If you're a parent like me you don't want to leave the kids out for Valentines. Like any other holiday you want to share this time with your kids. Make sure that your spouse or date knows that you have allotted time for your kids, so that they are respectful of it and will plan ahead for your date. If you are married, plan to do something with the kids for Valentines together. Kids need to see their parents in love, happy and enjoying each other and Valentines is a great time to show them the love you have for each other. Even if you are not married, its good to include the co-parent in your Valentines plans for the kids, if they are available and it won't cause drama.

Here are some ideas for things to do with your kids:
* Take your kids on a date. Let the kids get dressed up and take them out for a day on the town. Go get something to eat, take them to their favorite fun place and pick up dessert on the way home, surprising them with a little gift too! You treat yourself and your special someone for Valentines so treat your kids too! They will have fun and it will be a great experience for them if dad treats the little princess like a King would and your little Prince like a Queen would. We are our best examples for our kids!
* Have a dessert party at home with their friends. Make cookies, bake a cake, grab some ice cream and have a fun time with your kids and their friends. Don't forget the hersheys kisses and the sweetheart candies.
* Watch some of your favorite romantic kid appropriate movies together with popcorn and candy. A couple movies would be A Charlie Brown Valentine, Princess & The Frog, Lady and the Tramp, and Cinderella.
* Do a treasure hunt outside or in the house or at your favorite park so the kids can find different treats that lead to their Valentines gift.
* Make them a Valentines card for your child with their pictures, telling them why you love them.
* Let the kids make Valentines breakfast, whatever they want (cereal, fruit, hot chocolate, or any other tasty treat)! Or if they are too small, ask them what they want and let them help you make it.
* Visit an elderly neighbor or the local childrens hospital or shelter and take cookies, cakes or muffins. Make sure you do not get anything with peanuts in it. We don't want anyone to have an allergic reaction during your charitable visit.

Their are all kinds of things you can do with your kids, including asking them to do the Share the Love Challenge we talked about on our blog yesterday. More importantly, we want this day to be filled with love for your kids. Every day we should say "I Love to You" to our kids and this is just another way to show them how. Have fun with the little ones and please share your moments with us here on this blog and on our Facebook page.

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  1. This is a great way to teach kids early that love is general and for everyone who touches a part of their lives.

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