Its day 5 and there are 8 more days to Valentine's!

I'm sorry I missed Day 4 of our countdown but mommy duty called with my son being sick. The weekend is here and this is the last weekend left before Valentine's Day, so this is the perfect weekend to go shopping for your Valentine's. Valentine's is not just for the ladies, its for men too so ladies make sure you get him something nice and that is specifically for him. Sometimes, like Christmas, we buy them things they need like a hammer or a garden tool (ha ha), but those are not specifically for him, unless he's a tools fanatic. Get him something more personal, like the shirt you saw in the window going to lunch that you knew would look great for him or a bracelet engraved with his name or a weekend vacation to one of his favorite places. Be thoughtful when buying gifts for him so he doesn't feel like its just something that you saw on sale. Buy it for HIM. 
The same is true for the ladies and since most feel like Valentines Day is for women, like weddings, its even more important to get her something for HER and present it in a ROMANTIC package that will have her smiling before she even opens it. 
Because you want the gift to be specific to HER, make sure you know her sizes (clothes, shoes and finger). Guys love to see women in lingerie so make sure you also know her bra size too. Its not hard to find out if you live together, but if you don't live together, please don't guess. Either find a way to get it without asking (because you are giving off clues) or buy something sexy that doesn't require a bra size. However, if something really turns you on when you envision her in it, just make sure you get a gift receipt (for everything) so that you can take it back if you need to for the right size. If you know she's a little self conscious about her body, don't buy something too revealing just because you like it. Be considerate of how she feels without compromising the sexy! One thing I love a man to do is just give me a gift card so I can go shop for myself at my favorite store. You can't lose there at all!
Another favorite for Valentines Day of course is jewelry. This is something you can make unique to your taste, because she is wearing it for you. You want to consider her taste and style but when her friends say "who got that for you," or "dd he gibe that to you girl," its representing you! I hate to say it but the women will talk if you buy her something cheesy looking. So pick jewelry with care and think about how it will look on her and that your name will be attached to it. Do not buy a piece of jewelry just because it fits your budget. Buy the piece of jewelry that makes you smile and says "that's the one." If you can't afford a two carat diamond, buy a two carat birthstone. It will be cheaper than the diamond. However, if you can afford the diamond, then make sure it is one that you will admire or don't get it at all. Jewelry is worn more than the lingerie, shirt, or scarf you buy so you want it to be something special. 

I personally recommend a Pandora bracelet with some hand picked charms. Its probably cheaper than a diamond ring but very very priceless and meaningful because you can pick charms that fit her beauty, charm and style and its something you can add to during all future special occasions or just because. They are great gifts for your special someone, daughter, sister, or mother. 
Some other gifts that she may like are:
1. Day at the spa,
2. Overnight stay in the city, country, or mountains (different scenery from where she lives),
3. Shopping spree at her favorite mall,
4. Gift basket full of little goodies and trinkets,
5. Collectors items (if she collects things like crystals, shells, etc)
6. Opera/Theatre/Concert tickets, 
7. Designer purse,
8. Limo ride for her Girls Night (yes women deserve girls night every now and then),
9. Catering to her all weekend (include the kids in it if you have some), and
10. Propose!

No matter what you get him or her for Valentines Day, make sure it is:
* from the heart!
* specific to them
* the right size
* you're proud of it
* its wrapped in a ROMANTIC package!

Happy Vday shopping!



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