Valentine's Day is coming!- Day One

Valentine's Day is coming and it is ONE of my favorite holidays which is fitting since I am the Romance Queen! I love this time of year because everyone is getting ready to wow their special someone with a great Valentine's Day. We know that the whole purpose of my blog is to keep ROMANCE alive throughout the year so even though I love Valentine's Day itself, let's not forget that Valentine's Day is just one out of 365 days that we can show our love and affection for someone. However, being romantic universally with millions of other people is super exciting, in my opinion. The feel of the stores, boutiques and overall anticipation of the day is what I enjoy the most. So with that being said I am going to be counting down to Valentine's Day with you and offering suggestions every day.  Also, I would invite you to join my Couples Romance Challenge or if you are single, my Single & Romantic mingles group. Both are on Facebook and I will be referring to them often on my blog. For more information about both see my last two blog posts. 

So Day 1 of our countdown is Rose Day. On your way home today, pick up some roses for your special someone. It can be one rose or a dozen. It doesn't matter. Pick a rose to take home to your special someone, male or female and put a smile on their face while the two of you are planning Valentine's together. 

Part of planning a special Valentine's is sharing Valentine's with someone who is special to You, whether its your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, lover, mom or daughter. TODAY is the day to ask her to be your Valentine. Even if you are married, pick up the roses on your way home, or on your way to see her or send them to her via messenger and ask her. Your wife or hubby will love the romantic gesture of asking her to be Yours all over again!

Let me know how it goes. Until tomorrow, happy rose shopping!


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