Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Share the LOVE Challenge

Its almost that time ROMANCE lovers! Valentines Day is 3 days away and I am getting super giddy. Valentines is a great day for couples and singles and is a day that the whole world celebrates LOVE. One powerful thing that this world needs is LOVE more than anything. If everyone had LOVE in their hearts, then this world would be a better one. Their would be no hatred, no wars, no killing, or reasons to fight. Marriages would be stronger, couples would be happier, and our lives would be more peaceful, so I challenge you to SHARE THE LOVE this Valentines with everyone you get in contact with on Valentines Day and for the rest of the month of February! 
Here's how you can join this Share the Love Challenge for the rest of the month of February:
* Call your family and friends during Valentines weekend and say "I LOVE You!"

* Tell your kids every chance you get, "I LOVE you" and tell them why, regularly.
* Smile at everyone that crosses your path.
* Say hello to people you directly come in contact with.
* Help someone who appears to need it.
If everyone can do this Valentines weekend and for the rest of February then it will increase the LOVE in our community. 

Valentines is one day that we celebrate love but if you can try to do the Share the Love Challenge for the rest of the month then we have extended the LOVE Valentines brings to everyone for a longer period of time. 

Remember when 911 happened and everyone seemed to be friendlier, more compassionate and loving to one another, regardless of race, sex or preference. Well it shouldn't take a traumatic event to Share the LOVE to people that we encounter on a daily basis. It also shouldn't take Valentines for people to share LOVE with others. 

LOVE is one of God's greatest qualities. LOVE is what creates happiness and peace. LOVE is a need for every human being, regardless of who you are. LOVE is what can make the world go round. For each person that participates in the Share the LOVE Challenge, their are at least 10 times that many people who will be infected with LOVE because we come in contact with many people throughout the day, so share this post with your friends, family, social media, and colleagues and lets accept the privilege to Share the LOVE with others!

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