Saturday, April 9, 2016

Congrats to Romance Queen Readers!

March and the 1st Couple of the Month due to our 2016 Couples Challenge started in January (more info here) is Lakisha Hagler and Kaycee Steele of Charlotte, NC. Lakisha and Kevin have been together going on two years year and met online. I have known Kevin for over a year now and Lakisha for about nine months and ever since I have known them as a couple I have admired their open affection, love and respect for each other on their Facebook page. When it comes to social media, couples and men in particularly do not like to broadcast their relationships (for various reasons) but this couple has used Facebook to show how powerful their love is even when they had haters. Its hard not to vote for a couple who is constantly expressing their love for each other, posting pics of each other and complimenting each other. I have never seen them say one negative thing about each other online and that is the way it should be- ALWAYS. I definitely could learn from them. They have also been very open to trying new ideas and taking the challenges posted in the Couples Challenge group to enhance their relationship and add romance to their relationship.
When asked what is the most moment thus far in their relationship Lakisha was able to give me two and both of them involved surprising each other on mini vacations. She surprised him with a 7 day cruise but not before requesting time off at his job for him and taking him for a drive to nowhere and keeping her mouth closed about the destination the whole time. She said for her, he surprised her for her last birthday by taking her on a mini weekend vacation to TN and when they arrived at the hotel they had a welcome sign especially made for her that was displayed all weekend and throughout the whole weekend she received little gifts and special attention from him and the hotel staff including pamper time at the hotels spa! Mr. Kevin sure does know how to plan a ROMANTIC birthday for his special lady. AS my gift to them, the two will enjoy a dinner for two at Chima Brazilian Steakhouse in the Queen City and enjoy a ROMANTIC night on the town. Thank you Lakisha and Kevin for your support and for being an example of love and ROMANCE for all who are witness to you!  Its not to late to join the Couples Challenge. To do so, add me on Facebook and send me a message. 

I also want to congratulate our 1st Facebook contest winner, Yvette Thurston for the best Romantic At-Home idea! To see her idea and others ideas visit my Facebook page at Yvette shared a fun fact about her and her new hubby: They got married exactly one year from the day they met on January 9, 2016! Now isn't that ROMANTIC?! Wow! Thank you Yvette for always being supportive of me and my blog and for being sexy, spicy in your marriage and keeping ROMANCE alive 365 days a year! Yvette will receive a goodie bag tailored to fit her best ROMANTIC At-Home idea... wink*

This is just the beginning of the many features that will be shared about my readers and people like You who are hopeless ROMANTICS like me and want to share my mission to Keep ROMANCE Alive 365 days a year! If you want personal ROMANCE advice please email me at I would love to hear from you. Have a great weekend!

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