Friday, April 15, 2016

Let's Talk About Sex Finale

We are closing out our topic on S-E-X but of course this won't be the last time we talk about sex because intimacy and sex and romance go together like strawberries wine and massages. I asked a question before in my post on alternative sex about something I like personally and its time to let you know exactly what that is but before finishing out this topic, we MUST talk about SAFETY. When it comes to sex, we must always have a conversation about sex. According to as of 2014, twelve million people have been infected with the HIV virus and 1 in 8 people who have it are unaware that they have the virus. Among these numbers, Blacks are still the most affected race. However the most affected group is still men who sleep with men. For more statistics on HIV read

HIV/AIDS is not the only disease that we need to be careful of. Their are also STDs such as gonorrhea, syphilis, HPV, herpes, trichomoniasis, and other infections. You can read on these at Chlamydia has been on the rise as of the 1014 statistics reported on the CDC website along with syphilis,
STDS and HIV is nothing to play with. We want to make sure that we are protected at all times. So if you are considering having sex with someone, it would be a good practice for you BOTH to get tested and wait for the results before you have sex. Even if you get negative results, you should still wear protection such as condoms and other barriers to prevent the spread of diseases until you agree and have proven to each other that you can be monogamous. If you are like me and have a sensitive vajayjay then you will want to seek out condoms that fit the chemsitry of your body. For me, the Skyn brand works because it is not made of latex. I make sure to get my partner tested before we have sexual intercourse and use protection until we have negative results and before we enter into a monogamous relationship. once in a monogamous relationship, its good to continue getting tested together every six months or a year just because and for your peace of mind.

Always use protection with new partners and always get tested before having sex with someone new. Remember that some infections and diseases take weeks to show on tests so you want to abstain from sex with new partners until you BOTH have negative rest results. If you are sleeping with multiple people, please use protection. You can't guarantee what all of you are doing, so be safe and stay protected with everyone you engage with. Not knocking you for what you do, just asking you to stay when you do it!

So lets lighten the mood a little with my big reveal!
What do I love that might be seen as alternative?

Hmm... I love bondage. Even before 50 Shades of Grey (rent it for date night) I was turned on by the thought of being dominated and bonded. Something about giving in to someone and giving them control over my senses and my body turns me on. Bondage is not for the weak however. People think that submissives are weak but they aren't. The submissives actually have the power in the relationship just as much if not more than the dominate. I love the fact that for a moment I can give myself to someone and trust someone and just let go and be free and follow someone else's lead for that period of time. Its stimulating, exciting, passionate, and very ROMANTIC if done with the right person. I've been able to submit to one person in my lifetime totally and it is an experience I will never forget. I also encourage it for married couples to try it at least once. Its an experience that will take you to new levels and help you to learn each other all over again, trust each other even more, and renew the passion and spice in your relationship that always can use a refresher!

So there it is... I like silk scarves and feathers and a sexy man that likes to take control. ROMANCE 101! Yes! To learn more about the art of bondage visit and Let me know what you think! I hope you enjoyed the topic, Let's Talk About Sex! I know I did and your feedback has been great! Have an awesome weekend, be safe, and try something new with your partner this weekend!

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