Sunday, April 3, 2016

Let's Talk About Sex- Alternative Lifestyles

 Its Spring Break time and I hope that everyone is enjoying their time with the kids!

We've been talking about S-E-X for a couple weeks and having a great time! I've gotten a lot of feedback and enjoying the responses from my readers. Even though this topic is coming to an end, we will not stop talking about sex. I just wanted to take time to focus on it because it is one of the rewards of being ROMANTIC and it is also very important to every successful relationship. However, I can't end this topic without talking about two great subjects: ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES and our LGBT family!

When I speak of alternative lifestyles and sex in the same sentence what do you think of? Some of the answers from readers are posted on my Facebook and LinkedIn page. Some of their answers were: swinger, swapping, gay, open relationship, transsexual among some of the answers. These are definitely some of the ones I wanted to cover so lets do it

Before we start this conversation, I want to first say that if you are a part of a couple, please explore these alternative sexual lifestyles WITH YOUR PARTNER. Do not go exploring these on your own. That is cheating and I do not want to be responsible for that at all. If you are single, then please explore these options responsibly and safely.

I am not going to spend a lot of time on each lifestyle choice but will give you resources for you to explore each one on your own.

Swingers are people/couples who have sex with multiple people at the same time according to the Urban Dictionary. Wikipedia defines it as engaging in consensual sexual relationships with with others as a recreational activity or social activity. Some couples swing to add variety to their marriage. Others engage in swinging to explore fantasies. Others see it as a safe way to carry out their high sex drive and others use swinging as a way to enhance or strengthen their relationship. Swinging is NOT for everyone and couples need to have a strong foundation in order to engage in the swinger lifestyle. They also need to have trust and respect for each other BEFORE they enter into the swinger lifestyle. They should also commit to doing it TOGETHER. As a single person, swinging can be a great way to explore sexual fantasies, have sex in a safe environment, meet people with the same sexual appetite and enjoy sex in an environment that is non-judgmental (for the most part).  To learn more about the swinger lifestyle, start at the Swingers Underground website at
If you are in North Carolina, a great group to get your fantasies met can start with Carolina Friends. You can learn about them at 

An open relationship is when a couple decides that even though they are in a relationship with each other, they are not sexually monogamous to each other, according to about relationships. This is different from swingers. They do not openly have sex with multiple people together, or group sex or see it as a recreational activity (or maybe they do) but they are committed to each other but do not expect monogamy from each other. They may not play together like a swinger couple does but they are accepting that each other might engage in sexual activity with another person and its okay with them. This works for some couples and I understand it. For some couples, this is a way to reduce "cheating" stress or worry in the relationship. For others, this is a way to allow their partner to explore desires they are not interested in. However, this is not a form of cheating because the couple AGREES to this arrangement. Here are some good open relationship tips

Polyamory is the practise of loving more than one person simultaneously. Their are many ways to live polyamorously. This is different from being swingers or an open relationship. Polyamorous couples are dedicated to each other and can cohabitate together, raise children together, sleep in the bed together, and run a household together and live in harmony under one roof happily. Their can be one wife and two husbands. One husband and three wives. Two wives and two husbands or two wives and six husbands. Poly means many so being polyamourous means loving mean at one time.
To learn more about living a polyamory lifestyle visit the Polyamory Society at

Next we will talk about a subject I myself am into... Can you think what it is??? You have to stay tuned to find out!

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