Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Let's Talk About Sex- LGBT

In our last blog post on alternative lifestyles we talked about swingers, polyamory, and open relationships. We can not have this conversation about sex without talking about another alternative lifestyle that was mentioned in my poll- LGBT- lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender.   The LGBT community is growing and I am all about free love. I used to be an advocate in the LGBT community and though I won't say that is in the past, I am not as active in the community as I used to be. However, that does not mean that I am not supportive. With the passing of marriage laws in NC, DC, NY and other States and the newest laws that are trying to be passed regarding the use of public bathrooms for transgender individuals, the LGBT community is one that can not and will not go unnoticed. 

Its something about being open to loving whomever you want that is sexy and ROMANTIC to me. I am not saying that being LGBT is right or wrong. This is not a debate of morals. This is a blog about ROMANCE. I believe in LOVE and ROMANCE and when it comes to LOVE and ROMANCE, I see it all the time in the passion and the LOVE and the power I witness within the LGBT community all the time.

The LGBT movement is passionate and passion is an ideal ingredient to ROMANCE. Is ROMANCE different in LGBT relationships? I don't think that ROMANCE is necessarily different but I do think that the degree and the frequency of it is. Meaning, LGBT couples seem to have more of an appreciation for each other more because of the "bond" they share because of their sexuality and appreciate that bond from the gate. Because of this, they approach their relationship differently and thus try harder, invest more, express themselves more articulately and do not have the gender role confusion that sometimes causes problems in heterosexual relationships. For instance, some women in heterosexual relationships feel that men should initiate the romance. Men feel that women don't appreciate romance so they stop being romantic to the next. With two women, they are both more emotional, both more appreciative, both more longing for passion and love thus both more willing and more receptive to being ROMANTIC and expressing it. I'm not a man, so I can't say about two men but here was an interesting article, You can express your thoughts about it in your comments below. 

The LGBT community is becoming more and more acceptable and I see it like this- whatever floats your boat let it float. This is how I feel about Life, period. If you love a woman and you're a woman, love them. If you love a rhino, love them in a pool of water. If you love a polka dot monster, show them off in Uptown Charlotte! Love who you love with Pride and ROMANCE them with all you have in You.

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