Thursday, July 9, 2015

Why No Romance

When talking to several men about why they are not romantic, there were a couple of standard responses:
1. What does it meant to be romantic?
2. Why, when the women I have been romantic to don't appreciate it?
3. When is the right time to start being romantic?

All of these are valid reasons for not being romantic but they are not reasons to continue being in a romantic rut. To be romantic, you have to have some sense of the person you are dating, courting or involved with. We have discussed before how to get to know your special someone on a previous blog, Getting to know the person you are fond of is important to being romantic with and for them. Knowing what makes them smile, laugh, blush and turns them on are all keys to creating a romantic environment for your special someone. You can do these in little ways or in really big ways. Being romantic is not a science. It should be natural and meaningful. Little things do count. Its not about monetary gifts or a large price tag. One way you can be romantic with someone you just met is by sending them texts or messages letting them know you are thinking about them, or picking them up on the first date with a single flower of their favorite color, or showing up with dinner and a movie for them. ROMANCE can take place on many different levels but its always motivated by your genuine interest in making your special someone smile, your attraction to them and your sincere love for the person and who they are to you, as we discussed before,

ROMANCE also has no time limit. You can start showing your romantic side from day 1 or day 30. It doesn't matter. When the urge hits you to do something special, something different and something that will get her attention is all on You. You may want to wait until you know that your relationship is solid but one way to keep her interest and show her that you want her to build a solid foundation with you is by romancing her and showing her just how much you appreciate her. This is simple to do through constant communication, compliments, compassion and appreciation. Yes, everyday you can show her these things but its those little touches, those little extra things, the tone of your voice, the way you look at her and the effect of the things you do that make it romantic. 

Now their are going to be some women who have never been with a romantic man and don't know how to receive it. That happens. Don't be discouraged. If you feel she is worth it and you get a blush, smile or giggle from her, in between the shock and the slight withdraw, continue. Don't give up. She is acknowledging it in her body language and the glow that is evident in her face and eyes. She is someone that can grow to love the romantic things You do for her that she is not used to. But then there are those women who don't appreciate the romantic gestures you show her. This may be the time for a conversation about the type of man/woman you are and the type of man/women she is used to. Explain to her that this is the type of man/woman you are and or want to be and if she is open to it, start off small. If she isn't and its evident, then maybe she isn't the one for you. Being able to be You with a person and that person appreciate it and acknowledge it is important in any relationship but its especially important in a romantic relationship.

I do not claim to be a relationship counselor. I am just a woman who is in love with ROMANCE and the ability it has to foster loving relationships and help relationships grow. I know what I like, as a woman, and I consider myself a romantic person, even when single. If You are a romantic person, don't stop being that person. Just find that special someone you can be romantic with.

Enjoy your day and we will discuss one way to be romantic next- Be a Gentleman.

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