Friday, February 13, 2015

Its Almost Valentine's! Are you Ready?

Valentine's is almost here and I am super excited? Are you? This is a special day to many of us, not because its the one day to show our love and appreciation for our special someone, but because its the one day that the world celebrates Love! I love the idea of everyone loving Love. Does that make sense? With everything going on in the world, its great to have one day that people are focused on loving each other. Just like when a tragedy happens like 9/11, Hurricane Katrina and the two officers being killed in New York for no reason in their police car,  everyone after those tragic events becomes really nice to each other for just a little while. Is it right? No but I'm sure you will agree with me that after tragedies people get a bit nicer and love harder. Days like Valentine's is a reminder to the world that Love still exists. Love still can make the world a happier place and we all deserve to be loved. We should feel like this all year round but unfortunately some don't, so let's enjoy this day amidst all the everyday tragedies of our world!

We can do this by reaching out to our mothers, sister, aunts, friends, and coworkers. Try donating to a shelter or your local youth fund. Say hello to everyone you pass on the street and smile at everyone you greet. Give a hug to someone you don't know and kiss and hold on to your children extra tight telling them you love them. I'm sure you are ready for Valentine's Day with your spouse, mate, partner or lover but their are others out there that would love to receive your genuine love too. So don't forget those people that loved you from the beginning like your parents, shared in creating your child(ren) and are their for you through ups and downs. Also try to find someone or an organization that you might be able to help this weekend and possibly the rest of the year, such as The Big Brothers and Big Sisters programs, Salvation Army, Goodwill, and your local homeless shelters.

Valentine's Day is thankfully at the beginning of the year. This is a great time to start being romantic with your special someone or continue the ROMANCE that is already evident in your relationship. Don't forget the little things that you can do on Valentine's, like giving your partner a massage, sending them an I Love You text or simply kissing them before they leave for work. You can do this today, tomorrow, and forever. However, don't forget the little things you can do in the community to help others and show love for your neighbors!

Please reply to this post with charities that you have helped in the past and ones you would like to help in the future!

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