Sunday, February 8, 2015

6 Days Until Valentine's Day- Where are You Going?

Valentine's Day is coming and I hope that you have chosen your special someone to spend this special day with. Now the question is, what to do? When considering a place to go, think about your Valentine. What are some things they like to do? Where are some places they have mentioned that they would like to visit that they haven't yet? Where have they expressed to you that they would like to go with you? What are some things they said they would like to try one day but haven't had the time or money to? What are some new things you might enjoy doing together? Always keep in mind your Valentine's likes, desires, special requests and hints of things they would like to do, see or visit.

You can also consider referrals from friends, family and colleagues or people that share your same interest. Where have they visited and recommended to you? Maybe consider double dating with another couple you enjoy hanging out with? Or maybe you can check your local paper and find out what's happening around town and try something exciting and new together? Do something out the norm for the two of you like taking a road trip for the day, going to a museum, checking out a play or opera or doing something charitable together to make someone else smile. Their are so many things you can do on Valentine's but the idea is to think out the box and do something you will both enjoy, appreciate, remember, and most of all is romantic. 

Valentine's is not just an ordinary day, like a lot would like to believe. Valentine's is full of ROMANCE, great planning, adventures, lots of love and time to spend with your special someone. Its like a second anniversary shared with all the lovers of the world! So don't feel the pressure of buying the most expensive gift or going to the finest 5-star restaurant in town, especially if it doesn't fit your budget. You can enjoy a romantic day with your Valentine that you both will love and enjoy. Just get creative and think to yourself, "What would my Valentine enjoy doing with me?"

Here are some other ideas that might help!

What are your plans for Valentine's? Post them here!

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