Friday, February 6, 2015

8 Days to St. Valentine's Day- What Does it Mean to You?

Valentine's Day is coming and this is my absolute favorite holiday and one of two that I personally celebrate! Their are many versions of how Valentine's came about but I will share the one that, to me, is very romantic. According to the website,, St. Valentine who was a priest who lived around 270 AD in Rome.  The Roman empire was faced with crisis or attack from all over so more capable men were required to defend the Roman empire. Emperor Claudius II banned or prohibited marriage because he felt that "married men were emotionally attached to their families" so they would not make good soldiers. St. Valentine did not agree with Claudius' ban on marriage and began secretly marrying lovers in secret. When found out, Claudis had St. Valentine arrested and while awaiting sentence in prison he fell in love with the jailors daughter. Before his death, St. Valentine asked for a pen and paper and signed a farewell message to the daughter, "From Your Valentine." St. Valentine was believed to have been executed on February 14 270 AD. It began to be observed by young Romans who offered handwritten notes known as Valentine's and with Christianity it came to be known as St. Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day has come to be known as the day for lovers. Though I have expressed repeatedly that everyday should be an opportunity for ROMANCE, St. Valentine's Day is the holiday for ROMANCE to show off! For me, Valentine's Day is like Christmas for Lovers. Our families honor Christmas in observance of Jesus Christ and come together with family and friends and exchange gifts. Valentine's is the same thing between two people who adore and enjoy each other. 

Valentine's Day can be a beautiful holiday filled with love, fun, excitement, and future dreams and plans! This is the top date nationally that couples become engaged and start planning a future together. This is the day that all the great candy, novelties and jewelry go on sale for you to afford something extraordinary for your special someone. Valentine's is full of love songs, wining and dining and so much more. For one day everyone loves each other even among strangers. Even if you are Scrooge on Valentine's, its kind of hard to ignore the blushing, smiling, and tears of bliss on Valentine's Day.

So on Valentine's Day ignore your temptation to go on like its another day and do something spontaneous or plan something more special than the norm. Do something you don't normally do, go somewhere you've never been, try something again that you tried once before and loved and just enjoy this day of EXTRA SPECIAL ROMANCE with your special someone.

This day is also great to acknowledge your mother, sisters, mother of your children, and grandmothers even you don't have a special someone currently in your life. Or you can do something special for You! Go get a massage, get your hair and nails done, buy a new dress or suit, take off and rest for the day, take a trip or just treat yourself to that something you saw in the store that you walked away from (and I bet its on sale).

Enjoy Valentine's and get caught up in this day for lovers and just love the one your with and if you're not with anyone, love yourself more!

The history of St. Valentine's Day and some other Valentine's facts can be found at

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  1. To me Valentines day is a day set aside to celebrate the beautiful creation that God created which is Love itself. It's a day to get back to what's most important in a relationship from every perspective, Whether it be Physically, Mentally, Emotionally or etc. this Day in my book is Considered Loves Birthday. So all you Wifey, Hubby's, Lovers & Boos.....#TurnUp for Love on this Special Day!!!

  2. Valentine's Day is a special day to show your special someone how special they are. Sadly it's been overly commercialized just like Christmas. Some of the ads are even using fear of not getting the right gift to motivate men to buy the most expensive jewelry they can afford. That shouldn't be what the Holiday is about. It can be something as small as making extra time to spend together.
    There should be more holidays devoted to Love.