Thursday, November 24, 2016

What a Difference a Year Makes- Happy Thanksgiving!

This time last year I spent the holidays with friends even though I was in an exclusive relationship. The person I was dating didn’t bother to invite me to his family’s house for the holidays. It was a miserable feeling.  Even though I am not big on holidays, this time of the year can be melancholy for lot of people who are in bad relationships, broken homes, live far from family or are single.  I understand the feeling. I felt the disappointment of not being with the one I felt I should have been with. Thankfully for great friends, I got plates delivered to me while I had a nice romantic-me day at home with movies, bottles of wine and lots of much needed rest. Trust me, it wasn’t a depressing day after I realized that being with myself was better than being with someone who really didn’t want me around despite his professed love.

Well this year is different. This year I have been dating a very family-proud, inclusive young man (yes I’m a cougar now…more on that later…giggles*).  He introduced me to his mom the first month we were dating, took me around his friends within weeks and I am included in everything family with him. His mom and I have a good relationship and we are on our way to his moms for our first Thanksgiving together where I will meet his aunt and brother’s families.  It’s so important that, even though I don’t celebrate holidays per say, that I have the opportunity to spend time with someone special and be surrounded by family during times of the year that are set aside for family. There is nothing worse than wanting to be with family or someone you love and can’t or not included.

The holidays are a time for family, friends, love and coming together. It can also be a time for ROMANCE. Couples that are spending this time together should always take time for each other, even if it’s for a stolen moment, to have an intimate moment just the two of them. So during the holidays, exchange lots of kisses, hold hands, reaffirm your love for one another, find a quickie spot to make out and include them during this holiday season the best you can. When you love someone you want to spend time with them during the holidays. Take time to do so even if you can’t spend the whole holiday together. Share this joyous time together and share your love with everyone around you. Happy Thanksgiving!

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