Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Its National Feel the Love Day!

Today is National Feel the Love Day! Now some of you might be wondering where this "day" came from, and quite frankly, I asked myself the same question for a quick second when I heard it this morning on Streetz 103.3. But that question instantly turned into a smile because my romantic mind started fluttering and instantly I started blushing. That is what the opportunity to be ROMANTIC does for me. Like Valentine's, I love the concept of a day to dedicate to the person you love and cherish. However, in my heart of hearts everyday should be Valentine's Day and every moment should be about feeling the love!

Its so important that we let the people in our lives know how much we love them. This is not just true for our spouse or mate but also for our kids, parents, friends and family. I know that in this moment I am thinking about my father who passed away May 2, 2014. I remember how many times I told him I loved him up until his last breath. Feeling the love is not just about showing it but expressing it as well. I know that my father passed knowing that I loved him despite all else. We never know when someone we love is going to be gone so we always want to say I Love You as much as possible and show in it our actions.

When life gets rough, we are stressed or we are just having a bad day it is always good to come home to someone that loves you. That is one thing I miss about being married, is knowing that there is someone home waiting for me. However, I just as important as the love that comes from an intimate partner is the love that comes from your children. The love my kids give me on a daily basis is perfect, unconditional and the best love a woman could ask for. So today for Feel the Love Day make sure your children know just how much you love them as well.

I'm happy that another day has been dedicated to LOVE especially in this cruel world we live in but it is very important to show love for our special someone every day. Since this is Take Your Man on a Date Month here are some ways to show your man how much you love him with more than just words because 1) Men are Visual, 2) Men are Impulsive and 3) Men are from Mars!

1. Give Him Your UNDIVIDED ATTENTION.  If you are constantly checking your phone and focusing on something else, it may interpret to him that "he is not important." Take time to focus on him and give him your undivided attention. This says to him that he is your priority and that you love him.
2. Cook his FAVORITE MEAL.  "The way to a mans heart is through his belly." This old saying has never failed. Knowing what he likes to eat and cooking his food the way he likes it, is a sure way to show you love him. Knowing that he doesn't like onions in his food, or sugar in his grits or even prefers Hot Sauce over A1 sauce on his steak is significant because it shows you are paying attention to the details and want to please him. Now if he is the man that loves anything you cook, then add dessert. Its nothing like the baked smell of a sweet smelling apple pie or chocolate cake to get his attention and a ROMANTIC night started.
3.  Wear the lingerie or that dress he loves. Yes men are visual! So when we take the time to doll up and get sexy for him. Taking the time to get sexy for him shows him that you still desire him and his response will let you know he still desires you too. Add red to the outfit and you have a win-win. Studies show that red is a aphrodisiac to men so get out that red dress or bra and panty set and show him that loving him comes with rewards.

4. Compliment Him. Genuine compliments on his looks, strengths and accomplishments show him that you admire him, which equates to love. Letting him know you see him the way he wants to be seen is important- as a provider, partner, father, handyman and sex symbol (in your eyes). Complimenting him not only confirms all the hard work he is doing for you and your family and as the man he wants to be for you (and himself) but it also says to him that you are happy with choosing Him to be Your man.
5.  Ask for His Advice. Men are problem solvers. Asking his opinion and asking him for advice shows that you value his opinion, you trust him, and that you need his input on what goes on in your life.  When a man feels he can fix something, according to a leading relationship doctor, he feels "competent and useful." This is important to ALL men. Being an independent woman is a good thing but showing that you need your man (in a healthy way) speaks volumes to him and shows you value his advice and love him.
6.  Thank him for the Little Things. When he does something, acknowledge it and let him know you appreciate him. This will make him feel good and boost his energy. Our men have a lot on their shoulders so showing him that you see what he is doing and it means something, is a lot to them. 
7.  Give Him a Hug. Its all good to give him a nice peck or a pat on the butt but a long lingering hug can do magic. Men are physical and connect through touch (just as much as women).  Taking the time to hold him and letting your body heat, energy and bodies stay intertwined for a moment can really give him something to think about and something to look forward to later.  It also radiates LOVE in so many powerful ways.
8.  Have a Quickie. Yes I said it. Its great to have long passionate love making sessions but a quickie can stimulate his pleasure and reward center that is released every time a man has sex. Women release oxytocin and men release dopamine. Homework: Research why this is a good thing for men. (giggles*). So don't frown on a quickie session. It can be quite healthy for him and being concerned about his health is definitely a sign of Love.

9.  Let Him Vent. When men have something to say, let them say it. We tend to be the chatty ones and wanting to talk about our emotions. When a man comes to you wanting to vent that says alot mainly because men like to be emotionally neutral. Let him vent without interrupting or trying to fix things. This lets him know you care and that you are a safe haven for him. When a man feels that he can come to you and talk to you about anything then he is relaxed, comfortable and feeling your good love for him. 

These are just a few tips that I picked up when reading this article on Womens Day, I will be sharing some more tips throughout September for Take Your Man on a Date month. Until then share some of your ways you show your man you love him.

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