Sunday, September 25, 2016

Cater to Your Man- part 2

My last blog was part 1 of 2 on Cater to Your Man. The first 3 suggestions were to:
1.  Keep his belly full. The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. This is true for all men, regardless of race or age.  Know what he likes and doesn't like and please ladies, fix his plate for him.
2.  Be his biggest cheerleader. Be supportive of him in all he does. Their are going to be times we don't agree with his decisions and that's okay but we should still be supportive of him (as long as its not harmful to your relationship or you) and cheer him on when he is doing great things!
3.  Be there when he needs you. Women tend to be more emotional than men, so when he comes to you in his time of need be accessible and there for him without being judgmental or critical. Let him vent and know that you are his safe haven.

These are the suggestions from my last blog. To continue, we can cater to our man by:
4.  Keep yourself up. Destiny's child said this in their song, Cater 2 U (among other things) and this is so true. Remind him constantly one of the reasons he fell for you. Keep yourself up by exercising, eating right, and being visually stimulating to him. I'm a thick woman so I tend to be a little self conscious but knowing that he loves my thickness and my curves, gives me reason to prance around the house in something sexy or something of his like his favorite jersey or one of his long tee shirts. It turns me on to know he's watching me when I'm in his line of vision. Keeping yourself up is not just for him. Its for you too. Confidence is sexy to men, so keep yourself up and tease him with your sexiness!

5. Give him a massage. When he comes home from a hard days work, take his shoes off, sit him down, let him get relaxed and give him a massage while letting him know you realize how hard he works to support his family. You can do this while he's sitting up or laying down. Relieving the tension in his body is just as important as relieving the tension in his mind by letting him vent to you. Massages have many health benefits too and we always want to be mindful of our man's health. Massage is also a good way to renew or revive intimacy in your relationship.  A good video on couples massage can be found here

6. Be attentive. All of us are busy and with technology literally at our fingertips, its easy to get sidetracked or off the focus on our man especially in the comfort of home. However, being attentive is one of the keys to catering to your man because being attentive means recognizing his demeanor, foreseeing his needs, putting down our cell phones, and making sure that he is happy and comfortable. Knowing what  he likes and does not like, knowing what irritates him and gets him upset and knowing when he's hungry or horny are all good things to know so we can be attentive before he gets upset, uncomfortable or irritable. We aren't mind readers but being attentive is a start to reading our man.  
7. Keep it spicy in the bedroom. I'm sure you've heard, "what you won't do someone else will." We want to keep things spicy in the bedroom (and out) by being willing to try new things sexually, giving him control in the bedroom, and not withholding the cookies when you're upset. Sex withdrawal is never a good thing for a man. Try role playing, new positions, and letting your hair down in the bedroom. Giving him control does not mean you can't be aggressive but let a man be a man in the bedroom and out. One thing I have tried is being submissive. I must say it was one of the most intimate, exciting, sexual experiences I've ever had. Ladies, try being submissive in the bedroom and see how it enhances the intimacy, desire, and trust between the two of you.

This are just some of my suggestions for catering to your man. Catering to Your man may require different things, but I hope that my suggestions are universal to all relationships in some way.
Catering to our man is not about doing everything he says or neglecting our own needs, its about letting him know you appreciate him, adore him, and have his back. You can't go wrong when you take the time to CATER TO YOUR MAN and if he's a good man, he will return the favor by catering to you.

Have fun and enjoy!

A good article I stumbled on while looking for pictures was 8 Ways to Make a Man Feel Like a Man. Check it out,

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