Wednesday, August 10, 2016

First Date- Kiss or Not?

You meet someone, you decide to go out on a date and it goes well. You have a good conversation. Dinner is awesome! You even share dessert. One party is expressing a more interest than the other. The man walks the lady to her car, like a true gentleman , and they hug. Now here is the part where it can get awkward. I am all about showing public displays of affection, showing your gratitude after a date and letting a person know that you are interested in seeing them again. That in my mind, is a successful first date and dates ideally. However, is it okay to kiss on the first date?

As the true romantic I am, I think that if the vibe is there and you are setting up a second date and really had natural chemistry then a kiss is okay. But, if you are not sure about a second date, the date was more awkward then enjoyable and you are not quite sure if their is any chemistry than you should hold on the kiss. I believe in being polite on a first date and when dating someone because if you aren't sure but open to seeing them again then you don't want to turn them off by refusing their hug or their kiss to the point of hurting their feelings or turning them off from wanting to pursue something more, so I think its safe that if you aren't sure, to give or allow a sweet tender kiss on the cheek that says, yes, I welcome your affection but I am not quite ready to take that step.

In my opinion, kissing is very intimate. In my blog titled 10 Ways to Be Intimate I talked about ways to be intimate with your partner. Kissing is very intimate. A key can say so many things in the passion of the moment. A simple kiss on the cheek can say I care about you and am attracted to and like your presence on a first date. However, a kiss on the mouth can say that I really want to get to know you, I want more from you (date or sexual) and I would like to pursue more. Now, their are different types of kisses we all know so a kiss on the mouth that involves tongue can say Wow, you're great, I am seriously feeling you and I definitely want to spend more time with you AND you are super sexy and I want you. All kisses can be passionate, most are ROMANTIC and they all say that I want you. Be careful about the degree that you kiss someone on the first date because just like the actual date itself, it sets the tone for future dates and the intimacy and passion that will come from this new journey you possibly are embarking on together.

For me kissing is a big deal especially when it involves tongue, so I am very careful about who I kiss in that manner, but I am also a very affectionate romantic and love a gentle kiss on the cheek and the response it sets off- lots of smiling, blushing and excitement. Enjoy your first date and if it ends in a kiss then you are on your way to something that could lead to ROMANCE and Love.

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  1. I guess for me there is a big different between a kiss and a KISS. Kissing is very intimate. It shows your affection towards your mate but on the first date a peck on the cheek or if the chemistry is right on the lips shouldnt be too bad right? I guess you got to kinda read it to determine which is best or if you should even try or not.