Friday, December 26, 2014

Keys to Romance continued- Your Motivation

One key part of ROMANCE is what motivates you to BE romantic. Google defines motivation as "the general desire or willingness of someone to do something." That being said, doing something for your special someone is not the only motivation to being romantic but the affection, admiration, love and desire to make them smile is what motivates you to WANT to do something romantic for your special someone.
There are other reasons to that may motivate you to be romantic such as illness, burn out (your special someone is working too much), an argument or being in the dog house (as my father used to call it), simple interest in someone, and many more reasons.
However, no matter what your MOTIVATION is, that motivation prompts you to do something for your special someone. Please note though that you do NOT want to only be romantic when your special someone is complaining that you aren't romantic or your special someone is mad at you or your special someone is about to boot you out the door with the shoes you brought her! No, being romantic, tho sometimes is motivated by something that isn't quite right in your relationship, it should ALWAYS be motivated by your willingness and priority to making your special someone HAPPY. When your MOTIVATION is driven by the objective of happiness, you can't go wrong (even if the results are not what you wished). 
A gesture of your willingness in itself is motivation for us (men or women) to try to forgive. Their are so many things going on around us in this sad, loveless world that being at home and secure in your relationships these days is a blessing. Knowing that you have someone genuine and sincere in your life that puts your happiness first on their priority list is a wonderful stress free and motivating relationship to have. Not many get a chance to experience it fully and those that do appreciate it.
So in order to remain motivated you must constantly come up with 1) new ideas; 2) new goals; 3) new dreams; 4) maintain a positive outlook and continue building on what keeps you MOTIVATED in your relationship with your special someone. Take the time to truly practice our first Key to Romance- Getting to Know your Special Someone. Knowing what makes your special someone happy, smile and possibly forgive you for being a jerk is mandatory. Knowing everything you can about your special someone without being stalkerish is a great way to keep the ROMANCE alive in your relationship. Taking in consideration their needs and wants at all times can make for great spare of the moment opportunities to be romantic!
For instance, your special someone calls you on the phone as soon as they get to work and tell you how crabby they are feeling and wish they were home in bed OR their boss came in with a bad attitude and they are two seconds from quitting. You might take this opportunity to take them breakfast because you know she is about to have a busy day with the boss man OR you could send her some flowers with chocolates to jump start her day. A website I always love to use is They always have great specials on their flowers and chocolates. I would also encourage you to use your local flower shop. Once they get to know you, they will always hook you up with the best bouquets!  Be careful though, you want to make sure you don't send your special someone flowers she/he is allergic too! 

"If you can dream it, you can do it."- Walt Disney

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