Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Keys to Romance- Being Romantic on a Budget

In our last post, we talked about Keys to ROMANCE. Our first Key to Romance was your Special Someone. What's important about this key is knowing who your special someone is and knowing exactly what makes your special someone happy! In order to be romantic, you have to know things about your special someone that will make them smile, have fun, and enjoy themselves. You also need to know things about them that won't ruin the romantic mood you are trying to accomplish. You have to know enough about your special someone to be creative enough to come up with ideas that make the moment all you wished for them and you. 

Do you remember our Romantic Traits we discussed before? Well some of the traits listed were "simple," "sweet," and "meaningful." For our next Key to Romance we want to remember these three traits and add CREATIVE which leads us to our 2nd Key to Romance- The Romance Budget.

Most of us are not millionaires. We can not pick up our date in a limousine or fly them to Paris. We possibly can't even take them to a 5-star restaurant for every dinner date so we need to learn how we can be romantic on our budget. In order to do this we have to get a little creative. 
Here are a three creative and old fashioned ways to be romantic on a budget:

#1 is FREE- Pick your special someone up for a romantic stroll at your favorite location like your State park, beach, city boardwalk or rose garden. A lot of cities and counties have listings of favorite tourist attractions that you can visit for free. Some of these attractions offer beautiful views and a chance to experience something together for the first time. Two of my favorite places to go in Charlotte, NC is 1) Freedom Park and 2) The Shoppes at University Place's lake at night Going for a romantic walk, holding hands and talking OR going for a scenic ride around your city or countryside is FREE and romantic. The benefits, you spend little or no money, spend quality time together with a chance to talk and share views that are appealing to the eyes and senses and you might just learn something about your community while you're at it!

#2 is LESS THAN $50- Cook at home for your special someone. If your special someone is a mommy or works a 9-5 I am absolutely sure she would appreciate it if someone else cooks for a change! Find out her favorite meal, if you don't know it already and show off your cooking skills for her. Our mothers always told us that "a way to a mans heart is through his stomach," well if you are anything like me that applies to us ladies too! My father was the cook of our family and so my mother and I grew up with him cooking for us. Its one of the many things my mom loved about my father and we still talk about today. My father was an excellent cook and we enjoyed watching him cook for us and guess what? He loved cooking for us too. This is something romantic you can do for your special someone on a weekly occasion, add a fresh bouquet of flowers and a chilled bottle of wine and you have yourself a romantic dinner for two. You might want to go a step further and get grandma or your neighbor to watch the kids for a little while so that you can enjoy your delicious meal without interruptions. She will appreciate the time you took to prepare a meal for her and a couple of hours of being off mommy duty. 

#3 is $50-100- If you want to try a change of scenery or you want a night away from the kids, you could check into a hotel for the night with a nice jacuzzi bathtub, room service and her favorite candies for a romantic night just for two. Their are many area hotels that have great rooms for less than $100 who also offer complimentary breakfast and some have romance packages that can be added to your nights stay that include champagne and chocolates. Some managers are glad to throw in such treats, if you ask nicely. Having a nice romantic night in a different scenery can spark a little excitement in your life and lead to some pretty steamy make out sessions and intense lovemaking. I know sometimes just getting away from the norm in itself can be a turn on. One website I love to use that lends to your spontaenous side is You can put in your hotel preferences and star ratings that you prefer, find the cost that fits your budget, pay for it and they will tell you after you pay which hotel they found for you. I have never been disappointed when I use Hotwire and I get a chance to try different hotels instead of sticking to one brand. I always choose 3+ star hotels and the hotels awarded have always had great staff, clean, and roomy accomodations!  I highly recommend this website and or  

These are just three ideas that I like to recommend to people who need to be Romantic on a Budget. Their are many more ways that you can be creative on a budget and add a little ROMANCE to your relationship. I would love to hear some of your ways that you like to be romantic on a budget. Please share them with me in your replies to this post. I look forward to reading them. Until next time, think of more ways to be romantic with your special someone and take time to try one of them!


  1. Great ideas especially the cooking and setting a scenery. It's easy yet expensive to buy dinner and a scene, but to cook a meal and create a scene is stimulating to taste buds and romance.

  2. Nicely put. The university lake is always the perfect spot for low budget romance.

  3. There are always inexpensive ways to treat the one You're with without breaking the bank. I think home cooked meals, picnics, home movie nights, even a date night to a lounge or even a sports bar is a simple way of showing care without spending a lot as well.