Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Single During the Holidays- What to Do!

Every one has had a holiday where they are single. I know I have plenty of times. So what do you do when you want to go to holiday parties, travel or do holiday activities and you are single? A friend of mine on my Facebook blog page was asking the same question. Some of the men on the thread suggested themselves for company. A few other women responded they were asking themselves the same thing. I suggested doing activities with your friend girls or your lover. So what is the answer to being single during the holidays?

Here are some suggestions:
* Do what YOU enjoy! If you have been wanting to go visit your friend in another state or see your cousin you haven't seen in awhile or want to catch the latest movies out in the theatre or go on a shopping spree and spend all the money on yourself. Do something that YOU enjoy doing. What better time to do then the holidays when you are off for a couple of days?
* Do not be negative. Instead of thinking about the mate you don't have or what's not going the way you want, get into the holidays spirit and be grateful for what you DO have- your kids, healthy parents, a home, a job... Get into the holiday spirit and enjoy it by putting on your favorite holiday CD, cooking your favorite dishes, inviting your best friends over or visiting with different families.
* Go to a singles event. You are not the only one who is single during the holidays. Their are others just like you so try a singles event around the holidays and go out and meet new people.  Sometimes the benefit of being single is that you get to spend the holidays with who you want and as many people as you want. 
* Volunteer. Their are others that are less fortunate, don't have family to spend time with and are unable to enjoy Christmas because of their circumstances. You can change all that by volunteering at local shelters or organizations. Give back to your community during the holidays and spend time with people who will truly appreciate your presence.

That leads us to some benefits of being single:
1. You don't have to stress out about buying your special someone (SS) a romantic gift. Buy something for yourself!
2. You don't have to split time between their family and yours. You can go wherever you want!
3. You can invest more time in YOU. 
4. You don't have to worry about impressing your SS's family or friends!
5. You can flirt with whoever you want at all the holiday parties.
6. You can walk around holding the mistletoe and get all the holiday kisses without feeling guilty!
7. You can leave parties when you are ready!
8. You get to eat the last of the holiday desserts and you don't have to share! That includes the leftovers you have left.
9. You can catch up on sleep if you want to do absolutely nothing!
10. No one else can wreck your holiday mood!

These are just some of the benefits I wanted to highlight that looked great to me but they are many more benefits to being single during the holidays. Read this funny article http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/benefits-of-being-single-during-the-winter_us_564b7b39e4b08cda348b18f8.

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