Wednesday, May 25, 2016

School is Almost Out!

The kids are about to get out for the summer and many are going to summer camp or off to inlaws and family. However, the big question is what are You going to do with your summer while the children are having fun and out of school? 

For me, the summer is a big deal because the twins go with their dad for the entire summer. I am a single mom so two and a half months of being kid free is like a kid in a toy factory with so much to choose from. Last year I didn't do much but this year I would love to do a few things! There is also a big difference between last year and this year- I am not single!

If you are single, then that's okay. This might be the summer that you get your groove back on an exotic vacation planned for you and your girls (or your boys) but their is nothing wrong with having a fantastic vacation as a single woman or man. We all deserve a vacation especially during the summer months like all the other normal people! So if you don't already have a plan for something to do this summer, plan something- big or small- mini weekend or week long- plan it. School is almost out and that means vacation time is right around the corner!

If you are in a relationship that means that the possibilities just doubled. Double fun and double the budget (hopefully)! This summer, my beau and I are planning to hit Carowinds for his first time, the beach, hopefully a beach I haven't been to before and definitely a couples trip to the ATL. You never know we might be able to fit one more mini vacation in there somewhere. No matter what you do with your significant other, always always find time to add romance to your vacation. More on that in my next blog post.

School is almost out so take advantage of those swimsuit sales and summer blowouts and plan a great vacation!

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