Monday, February 13, 2017

Valentines on a Budget- Its Possible!

Valentines is tomorrow and I received an inbox message that asked how can I do something ROMANTIC for Valentines on a limited budget. I love questions like this because its let me know that their are people out there who really want to keep the ROMANCE alive in their relationship and that they trust me to give them sound adv ice.

Valentines does not have to be an expensive day. Here are 10 budget ideas for Valentines day!

1. Cook for your special someone at home and have a candlelight dinner.
2. Give him/her a massage with dim lights, romantic movie and hot oils.
3. Go for a ride and check out some of the beautiful sights of your city. Pack a picnic basket of homemade treats and stop at your favorite spot to enjoy them.
4. Take a day off or an evening off together to just enjoy each others company.
5. Netflix and Chill. Pull out some of your favorite love stories, pop some popcorn, put on your sexiest lingerie or boxers and roll play your favorite love scenes or make one yourself.
6. Invite other couples over for game night. Have everyone bring a dish and enjoy the night with other couples and have fun! Adult games are always nice for the right crowd.
7. Grab a bouquet of flowers from your local grocer. Flower shops are usually more expensive so stop at the grocery store and pick up her favorite meal from a great carry out spot and surprise him/her at work for lunch for two!
8. Get the kids in the action and bake your special someone some sweet treats that can be used behind closed doors later like pudding, jello or strawberry shortcake! Moms always love a break from cooking or baking. 
9. Make him/her a creative video or write a poem telling them why you love them and post on your social media to let the world know how much you love them. If you are like me, I love public displays of affection. Be careful tho, not all do. If they aren't the PDA person, play the video for them in front of your fireplace or over the dinner you cook them. 

10. Plan a future trip together to take and clear your schedule to make it happen over wine and chocolates.  Nothing like something romantic and fun to look forward to while putting a smile on your special someone's face. 

These are just some of my ideas! I would love to hear your suggestions on my Facebook page at!

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  1. I am not the follower or I am not believing in the valentines day
    But I respect It because many relationships Believe that there is something in valentine which they don't feel on other days.
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