Saturday, October 31, 2015

Date Night- Make it a Priority

With working parents, busy professionals and hectic lives comes less and less time for Self and ROMANCE. It is important that couples find time for each other, without the kids, to spend quality time together, enjoy each others company, renew the ROMANCE in their relationship and have time for intimacy. You can't pay the bills and maintain a household without making money, yes, but when the money is made, the bills are paid and the home is secure, their is still your relationship to make work, enforce and invest in. Make time for DATE NIGHT!

Date night is important to all couples- new or old. Dating is not just for singles. Date night is for couples (committed or not) to have time together to explore each others interest, get to know each other, have downtown from the kids together, try new things together, and renew your bond- mentally, emotionally, physically, and yes spiritually! In a survey done by Redbook, 45% of couples rarely have date nights. 18% said they go on dates at least once a month. I did my own research and was happy to report better numbers. 37% of those surveyed went on date nights monthly. 27% went on date nights weekly; 18% bi weekly and 18% rarely went on dates. Better numbers than Redbook right! Of those surveyed, all knew the importance of date night and tried their best to make time for it. I was pleasantly surprised to hear one husband say that 99% of his free time is spent with his wife (but they have grown kids)! I had two participants that said that they spend all their weekends together and several evenings a week together. Yet another said, that even though they do not have regular date nights, per say, they plan monthly mini getaways to spend time with each other that is filled with lots of love and fun.

So why are couples not going on more date nights? The biggest reason, "we are too busy!" But other reasons include paying for a babysitter, waiting for the other to initiate it, feeling guilty for leaving the small children with someone else, starting a new career or business, and a variety of other excuses. Yes I said excuses. Every couple needs to make time for date night. Date night is like therapy for your relationship without paying the $100+ per hour for ending up at a marriage therapist. 

So here are some really big reasons to make time for date night:
* Its important to MAKE TIME for each other. Its an investment into your relationship and your future.
* Its important to spend QUALITY TIME together. It rejuvenates your relationship
* Its a show of COMMITMENT to each other. You have already taken the first step of committing to being in a relationship or dating each other. Now its time to commit to maintaining what you started. 
* Its a way to RECONNECT. Its a way to show or express why you are together in the first place. Why did you make the big commitment? What made you fall for them in the first place? 
* Its nothing wrong with having FUN! We all need a break from the monotony.
* Its an opportunity to TRY SOMETHING NEW. I'm sure there is something or somewhere you have been saying you want to do or go. Go! Go do it!
* Its an opportunity to BE KINKY! We all are adults here. When was the last time you did something naughty together? Or role played? Or even had sex? Some couples are not only too busy for date night, they are also too busy to have sex. 
* Its an opportunity for ROMANCE. Yes ROMANCE! Date night is different from just going out. Its the night to show off as a couple. Its the chance to hold hands, kiss all night, enjoy each others company, stare across the table and smile at the one you love. Its sweetheart time, not just you and me time. Its partner time, not just you and me time. Its us time, not you you and me time. Its also the perfect time to dress up. No jeans. No sneakers. No fitted hats. Dress up in a dress and heels and some slacks and a button up (with a tie maybe) and step out on the town looking like you did on your first few dates. Guys/Hubbys stop and grab some flowers and a little gift too and she will really shine! Ladies, get him a gift too. He will appreciate it.

Date time is important. It is vital for all relationships, regardless of what you call it. Making time for each other to spend quality moments of fun and to reconnect and renew your commitment to each other is mega important. Its also a way for you to show each other how much you love, appreciate and adore them and its the perfect opportunity for ROMANCE! Make time for it today. Put it on your busy schedules and enjoy every last minute of it!

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