Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Couples- Be Supportive of Each Other!

I took a break from writing for the month of September to start my Masters program. I struggled with making the decision to start my Masters with my twins back and school, moving into a different place and starting a new job but with the support of the man I have been dating and my best friends, I decided to go ahead and start! Relationships can not build if individuals in a relationship can not support each other and be each others cheerleaders! This goes for friendships, business partnerships and especially intimate relationships!

Having the support of the person you love is one of the best forms of love and commitment. Whether you are deciding to have a child together, buy a house, start a new career, or begin your college degree, having a support system is important (especially for single moms and dads). The person you are committed to should be the person you can talk to about your dreams, goals, aspirations, desires and future. If you are committed to each other then the things you most desire and want to accomplish should be shared by both of you. Sharing what drives you and sharing this together will not only build your commitment to each other but also build intimacy. Not sharing each other's goals can lead to misunderstandings and disappointment.

During this time of change and growth, take a moment to celebrate and be ROMANTIC. My father used to refer to the things that happen in our life, as an "adventure" (good or bad) so make the best of it. Take a vacation together before starting on your new journey together. Go to dinner to one of your favorite restaurants (maybe the person actually starting the new adventure, can pick the place!). Do something fun and exciting with each other. Surprise the other with a ROMANTIC night filled with laughter, blushing, and love in the air. Change is a part of life and even better when you have someone that will go through the change supporting You.

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